His Demands

His Demands… it’s what you might see or say about someone holding a person hostage … his demands.  But those words were spoken about our president in the context of the hundreds of thousands of people effected by DACA.  In essence, he is holding those young people hostage and like a desperate, irrational criminal he has his list of demands to release those hostages.  They are only loosly related to the people whose plight is at the whim of his fragile ego. His demands are about making him look good, seem strong, promises made to his ‘base’ and have nothing to do with making America great.

The top of his list… full funding for the boarder wall.  That demand is followed by as many as 70 demands about immigration like limiting green-cards and stricter regulations for family members.  So much for Trump telling the Dreamers not to worry or that he cares deeply for them… They are hostages of his ego.  And, when you stop to think about it, we all are.


Building An Effective Wall

I just read that the ‘Wall Proposals’ are due on Wednesday.  I had this picture in my mind of people all over the world sitting in little teams contemplating materials and design.  Suddenly I had a flash of a children’s story I read to my first grade class every year: The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas.  From the title you can see that the classic tale is flip flopped and the sweet little wolves are terrorized by this big mean ugly pig.  The wolves like to play games like badminton, hopscotch and croquet … they try to protect themselves by using not straw, sticks and bricks, but iron bars, metal plates, concrete block and a video surveillance system… each time the Big Bad Pig blasts their home to bits with dynamite, sledgehammers, or his ever ready pneumatic drill.  Finally the wolves give up trying to build this fortress against their enemy….

I imagine our wall as their final house, a wall of flowers (or better yet edible plants) swaying delicately in the wind, having a similar effect on boarder dwellers, as the wolves flower house had on the Pig…. as one draws near our wall “they are filled with the fragrant scent of flowers”… their hearts grow and they begin to dance.  At my wall they may pick a strawberry or snack on an apple before shaking hands with the boarder control, who tend the wall, take selfies with the crossers and welcome them to America.

Gone are the people dying in the desert, gone are people dying in storage containers or the backs of overheated trucks and gone are those profiting from human trafficking…

I am sure there are holes in my dream… but if you don’t have the dream nothing can ever change…