Sick to My Stomach

I have been so busy in my own life that speaking out hasn’t been a priority.  The school year is coming to a close and I am sitting down to work on some end of the year projects on my day off…  and then ‘Breaking News’… Texas… multiple fatalities… students talking on t.v… not again

Florida has made the change because of their tragedy and yet the NRA stands behind gun ownership, behind the necessity of producing military style assault riffles, behind our beloved 2nd Amendment… I have written before and will write again, it doesn’t take a bump stock (or an AR-15) to destroy lives. Students of Parkland have been called all kinds of names in the wake of trying to make a change…

When will we change the way we look at the 2nd Amendment and the gun culture.  Today the discussion about guns was not soon enough, today for Santa Fe, it was too late.

The price we pay for our right to own guns?  It grows by the day… in the lives of innocent people, in the lives of children…

Sick to my stomach, I can’t even imagine the heartache of the people of Santa Fe.

My heart breaks for them all



Breaking News – Schools Are Not Safe

The mass shooting of 17 innocent people, many of them children, is no longer Breaking News.  It is just over 72 hours ago that a school was shot up by an AR-15… the most used gun by mass shooters and CNN has moved back to the Russian involvement in our election.  Even more we are looking deep into the failings of our FBI to act on a tip.  They are playing the blame game when what we need to look at, as a society, is how we continually allow this to happen. We are a society that is committed to gun rights and gun ownership.

This is NOT about me wanting to take your guns away for some hippy-dippy, lib-tard, bleeding heart, or far-left idea because I want to ruin your life. I want to save lives.  I care about making this country safer for all of us and you being able to buy a semi-automatic AR-15 or similar gun does not fit into that plan.  If your need to shoot a high powered gun outweighs the rights of a 14 year old to live then you should join the military.  There is no reasonable way that owning that type of gun is a necessity, it is a want.  If gun manufacturers made a ‘gun’ that shot off some kind of explosive devise that could level a house, there would be someone out there that would want one just for the fun of it, and because one had not been created yet, there would be no regulations on it and people who have no military training would be able to bring one into your neighborhood.  Although I wish there were no guns, I am not going to work to take away your hunting rifle, or the hand gun you keep locked in a closet, but I want to be reasonable, I want us all to be reasonable.

Do you really want your child’s first grade teacher, the one who smiles and tells your child that she is glad they came to school that day, who puts bandaides on their invisible boo-boos, who sings them to the carpet and helps blow their noses when you are not around…. do you want her to have a gun strapped to her butterfly dress, just under her bubblegum pink sweater? A hand gun? A more serious firearm? How quickly can she jump up from behind the library corner’s bookcase, assess a situation, aim and shoot at someone who has planned to do her harm? Who will be paying to train her, who will pay for her gun?

I spent my run thinking about where I would have my class hide, my class is too large to hide in our library corner… I would quickly move furniture, drag bookcases, have them lie flat on the stomachs and I would perch on the shelf by the door ( believe me, I have practiced ) ready to jump on any one who tried to enter through our always locked door. We will rehearse this when we come back from our long weekend.  This is the world we live in because we are unwilling to fix this problem… it is about more than mental health, it is about more than reporting scary talk, it is about more than preparation, it is also about gun control and until we can all agree that we MUST more tightly regulate guns and fund mental health professionals in EVERY school, as well as give law enforcement more power to search homes and confiscate weapons, we will continue to live in fear, in a country where children may not come home from school.

Breaking News ~ our country is broken ~ schools are not safe

Making A Difference

I went into teaching to make a difference.  But, time and again, shooting after shooting, it has become clear that I can not make a difference the way it matters the most.  I am at a loss, and I am feeling hopeless.  I cried all the way home from school yesterday imagining the pain of those mothers and fathers, imagining my own children…

What we need is a national hotline where families and educators can call about a child or person who is violently angry and the authorities take them into protective custody, evaluates them over the course of several days, and puts them into a mandatory program while confiscating all weapons from that person and that person’s home.

We need to stop selling guns… AR-15s and, in my opinion, all others… why do you really NEED to go hunting… you don’t … you WANT to go hunting…  if you can’t afford meat at the market, become vegetarian… does your love of meat, and family tradition usurp the rights of children and teachers to attend school without fear of being shot?

I hear a call, on a conservative news station, for the best minds in our country to figure this out.  Are you kidding me?  We love violence in this country… our video games, our sports, our love of guns, our anger towards the other… these news people act as if this is something we need to figure out… We know what the problem is… we know that the accessibility of guns allows impulse to easily be acted upon… we know that children who do these things (or commit other violent crimes) have shown signs for a long time.

Last night my husband said that across the nation all teachers should hold a strike until our legislatures do something.  On NPR today I heard a retired teacher call for all teachers, administrators, and students to stay home and say ‘NO MORE’!  We have been in crisis for years… When is it time to take a stand?

It does not matter what the shooter’s motive was, it doesn’t matter his ethnicity, or the tragedy he has suffered in his life… it mattered that he was able to get a gun and that although people knew he was troubled, the hands of the authorities were tied.  You want your freedom, your rights, your guns, your privacy… all of those families want their children back…

What are you willing to give up to keep this from happening again?  How can we make a difference if we don’t think beyond our rights?

My heart is broken

Only Two

Where is the horror?  Two innocent people have been murdered… a teacher and an 8 year old child… IN A SCHOOL

If you blinked, you may have missed our most recent school shooting.  It was yesterday, when a man waltzed through the front office, signed in, went into a classroom and opened fire in front of children, killing the teacher, her eight year old student, and injuring a nine-year old.  I heard about it in one on-line story about an hour after the incident and then again on NPR as I was driving home.  By the time I settled down with my glass of wine and grading to do, CNN was covering Trump’s excessive golf habits, the doctor being dragged off of a United flight and the Syrian bombing… I watched for two hours and there was no mention of the shooting… WTF?

I guess domestic violence does not get ratings… not to mention that both the victim and shooter were black, the slaughter happened in a brown neighborhood, and only one child was killed…. I am disgusted to think that we only care about Islamic terrorism, violence that is racially driven, mass murder, or manifestos.  We SHOULD care about this…

They were newly weds, he was a church going blessed man, she was a special ed teacher… but things were going wrong, she tried to leave a man that was scaring her and…  HE HAD A GUN… HE HAD A GUN… HE HAD A GUN…

Where is our RED LINE, our 59 missiles, our repeal and replace of gun regulation, our metal detectors in every school across the nation, our extra funding for mental health (or marital health), our wall against gun violence…

Those two innocents meant the world to the people who loved them… but that crime didn’t play into our narrative of things we need to rally against… really?  Here in ‘Make America Great Land’ you are more likely to be shot by a fellow American either by accident or because he is a bit ‘off’, than you are to be killed by a terrorist… let’s put America first by taking care of THIS business…. domestic violence and access to guns needs to be addressed… the end