That’s Why They Pay Me The Big Bucks

I sat on the floor in the hallway.  An upset child sat with me.  He was not in trouble but had used the word ‘penis’ when talking about where the ball had hit him.  His friend, who he now hated, came to tell me that this sweet little guy was using inappropriate language.  Quickly I told him that the word ‘penis’ was not an inappropriate word, it was the name of part of your body.  There was nothing wrong with that word or that part of the body.

How do we explain that not all families like to use that word?  I tried my best.  ‘That word is something that doctors might use, or that some families use, or ….., hmmmm, it is a word that makes some people worried’… The boy fired back, ‘It is a normal word!’ Yes, it is, but not all families like to use it.  “Like the ‘H’ word?” Yes.

We got through the moment… I told him, “If you are worried about something it is okay to come to me, I won’t be mad and it doesn’t mean that someone will be in trouble. It’s my job, that’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

‘They pay you a lot of money for this?’….’Well, not a lot, but enough so that I can buy good food to eat. Okay?’ Okay….

Oh, my….


I Can’t Wait

Well, the White House and our illustrious president must be reeling… yes, we are on the verge of a new tax plan.  But Trump’s decision to run for president on a whim, just to see if he could win, to satisfy his narcissistic lust is about to land his favorite daughter’s husband in deep trouble.  It will be interesting to see just how far he is willing to go to keep himself in his dream office… will he sit back and watch as his son-in-law takes the fall for his lust for power?

My guess will be that he will provoke a new assault on his former election rival, the previous administration and on North Korea… Will he be willing to sacrifice the country’s safety to deflect attention from the treachery occurring in the oval office and in his campaign?  Who knows? But I will be up early to see what shiny object becomes the focus of his tweets…

I hope that the American people, all of them, are smart enough to see through his struggle to deflect our attention.  Stay alert!

Some Things Are Not Easy to Say

Putting yourself out there isn’t easy.  Challenging people who you respect or consider friends can be stressful. Keeping the discussions civil and being willing to listen and respond with respect is critical to moving forward and making the changes needed in our society.

Saying that I wish all guns were taken out of homes and off our streets is a bold statement, especially when I live in a small town filled with hunters.  Saying that I challenge religious zealots of all kinds and believe that many of the world’s problems fall on the shoulders of those who believe they are doing ‘God’s will’ is met by anger.  Saying that I am a liberal democrat who wishes Obama were still president and that Americans had universal healthcare is met by name calling and hateful words.

It isn’t easy, but it is necessary.  I am not looking to change the minds of those people who oppose me vehemently, I am looking at changing the minds of people on the fence and move those who are already on my side but shy to speak up towards action rather than silent agreement, I am looking to send a message of hope to those who feel that they are alone in their thoughts because they are afraid to share their true thoughts…

I am not brave, I am scared, but I am hopeful that together we CAN make a difference, even in our small town.

It is not easy to say, but I will say it… open your mind, open your heart and question the way things are… just because you were raised one way does not mean that it is right, be willing to question yourself, I do every day.

43 Angry Faces

I recently had a letter to the editor published in our local paper…  so far 43 angry faces have weighed in on my letter… I wrote about not giving your child a gun as a gift.  It was interesting to me to read the comments in opposition to my opinion… those people who are clutching their guns, touting ‘gun safety’ as a way to ensure the well-being of their own gun-owning children and stating that this will not stop mass shootings have no clue what my piece was about.  My piece was about caring about children who do not belong to me… their children.

If you teach your child gun safety are you ensuring that your child’s friends will take similar classes, that the neighbor kids can’t get into your home, or know that when your child is desperately unsure of their place in life and a handful of years older, that they won’t look at that gift differently?  We protect our children in so many ways, safety belts, bicycle helmets, knee pads, shin-guards, and football pads, we tell them to not talk to strangers and if they find a gun they shouldn’t touch it, they should leave the area, and tell an adult…. unless it is theirs…

What part of this is trying to take away your rights? What part of this is suggesting that you need to give up guns? What part of this idea will hurt your children in any way?

The best way to keep kids safe in terms of gun safety is to not have guns near children. Guns kill about 1,300 children each year according to a CNN… this has nothing to do with a child becoming a mass shooter… it is about children having access to a gun.

Those 43 angry faces… are they angry because I care about their children?

Just Don’t Let Him Speak

All he has to do is open his mouth and our country moans. I watched his live speech to the Coast Guard on Thanksgiving Day. Why didn’t someone stop him? This morning, as I read the transcript of his speech, I again asked myself where were his handlers?  He needs to only read speeches and if he begins to stray, just cut off the mic.  How is the White House not taking care of this? Maybe Obama’s former speech writer could throw him a few bones.  Trump’s speeches are a double edged sword.  On one hand his idiocy confirms my vote against him and serves as a flag to wave representing how poorly suited he is to run our country, on the other hand I do not want our president to be an embarrassment to our country on the world stage…. oops, too late.  But he does not need to prove it daily, does he?

Let’s let the White House find one decent photo a day to put out there to the world… one where he isn’t looking smug, stupid or constipated.  And then they could release a statement from the White House perhaps giving his meal choices for the day and which dignitaries he is meeting.  We could be informed if he is taking his meds, having regular bowel movements, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Just don’t let him speak….

Women Are Very Special

This is a very special time for women… women are very special… this, according to our president, has something to do with supporting Roy Moore? The ‘specialness’ of women and absolute denial of women’s accusations by Roy Moore in just a few short sentences shows just how deeply our president considers issues and how carefully he weighs his words.  What an idiot.

I am reassured of my place in society after hearing our president tell the press how special women are. With our president’s comments and the willingness of people speaking for the white house to put aside the stories of multiple women because they would rather have Moore than a democrat, we need to continue to shine a light into the dark corners of our leader’s agenda.

His support of Moore is so completely transparent that it is beyond my comprehension how anyone seeing him speak couldn’t see through to his real motivation or reluctance to do what is right for women and for our moral security.

Special my a**


It’s Not About You

My blogs are snapshots of what I am thinking at any given moment… sometimes they are clear and I really convey precisely what is in my heart and sometimes they are clumsy and are misunderstood…

This morning my blog must have been that… now, people who were not Christians did not read my blog as anti-Christian.. but some of my Christian friends read that very thing.  I have no hatred for people who follow Christ, who live by his teachings, or who live their lives with the love of Him in their hearts… I think that they are good people and many of them are people I care for and respect.  I actually don’t pay much attention to the beliefs of others.  I was brought up in a diverse community with Christians, Mormons, Jews, atheists, and more… I never thought much about it until I moved to a mostly Christian community.

My point is that IF you believe God has a plan and that everything happens for a reason and according to His plan then how do you explain mass shootings? How do you explain our country being taken over by a man like Trump? How do you explain people who hold up _________________ (insert any religion) as the reason they voted for Trump or will vote for Moore in Alabama.  But my main point was about people who profess to be Christian but voted for Trump because although he was morally vacant he was still their man, and those same people who fight against any shred of gun regulation and blame the gun violence in our country on mental health issues although they are unwilling to pay more in taxes to fund services.

Making things different will need to come from religious organizations in our country and it is my belief that actions not prayers are needed.  Church signs need to denounce Trump, to get on board with gun control, to support our LGBTQ  brothers and sisters, to open their doors to immigrants and promote healthy active lives.

So, as I write, I am writing from my perspective… if I write about being vegan and caring about not participating in animal cruelty you could be angry because you choose to eat meat, if I write about the value of college and you did not go to college you could be angry… perhaps you are angry because even though it is not about you or how you live your life, you may still feel challenged … maybe that’s a good thing