We Wish Him Well

He says he’s innocent…. of course he does.  The only men stepping up and saying they did what their accusers said they did are paying the price, they have stood up, apologized, then stepped down. The message from the president is clear… he does not care what you do in your personal life as long as you are working hard for him and you are loyal.  In this #MeToo era he is dismissing accusers as vindictive and politically motivated meant to bring down his presidency.

I am not saying that sometimes people are falsely accused, I know from personal experiences that sometimes things are interpreted based on a history of the victim where an innocent comment or touch on the shoulder is twisted into something it is not or someone using the system to ruin someone’s life… THAT is completely different from domestic abuse, molestation, sexual harassment, or rape.

But THIS, this is women coming forward showing what happened to them behind closed doors, at the hands of a man helping run our country. Upstanding men, who are polite and respectful, who are hardworking, who do a very good job for an organization, can be violent and abusive at home.  They can have anger issues, they can keep their personal lives hidden, and, of course, they will claim to be innocent.

Our president doesn’t care about the ‘alleged’ victims… he has victims of his own… he wants to wish the man accused of the abuse well, give him the benefit of the doubt, and protect his own image.

What message are we sending to the men of our country? We need to speak more clearly about expectations.  Education for all is key… teach your children to respect themselves and others, and expect respect and kindness from your own partner. We all know about the cycle of abuse… well wishing never breaks that cycle.


Only Two

Where is the horror?  Two innocent people have been murdered… a teacher and an 8 year old child… IN A SCHOOL

If you blinked, you may have missed our most recent school shooting.  It was yesterday, when a man waltzed through the front office, signed in, went into a classroom and opened fire in front of children, killing the teacher, her eight year old student, and injuring a nine-year old.  I heard about it in one on-line story about an hour after the incident and then again on NPR as I was driving home.  By the time I settled down with my glass of wine and grading to do, CNN was covering Trump’s excessive golf habits, the doctor being dragged off of a United flight and the Syrian bombing… I watched for two hours and there was no mention of the shooting… WTF?

I guess domestic violence does not get ratings… not to mention that both the victim and shooter were black, the slaughter happened in a brown neighborhood, and only one child was killed…. I am disgusted to think that we only care about Islamic terrorism, violence that is racially driven, mass murder, or manifestos.  We SHOULD care about this…

They were newly weds, he was a church going blessed man, she was a special ed teacher… but things were going wrong, she tried to leave a man that was scaring her and…  HE HAD A GUN… HE HAD A GUN… HE HAD A GUN…

Where is our RED LINE, our 59 missiles, our repeal and replace of gun regulation, our metal detectors in every school across the nation, our extra funding for mental health (or marital health), our wall against gun violence…

Those two innocents meant the world to the people who loved them… but that crime didn’t play into our narrative of things we need to rally against… really?  Here in ‘Make America Great Land’ you are more likely to be shot by a fellow American either by accident or because he is a bit ‘off’, than you are to be killed by a terrorist… let’s put America first by taking care of THIS business…. domestic violence and access to guns needs to be addressed… the end