What Next…

Every day, EVERY DAY, it is something else.  A new affront to the moral sensibilities I hold dear… they are said, left unsaid, tweeted, or alluded to by our ‘leader’.  Although he has continuously proven himself as anything but a leader, once again today he showed his complete lack of leadership ability.  After two days of being called out by fellow republicans and democrats for his unwillingness to name white supremacist, Nazi, neo-Nazi, and alt-right groups, terrorist groups, he begrudgingly spoke the words that were lost to him two days ago… of course, those words were tucked into a speech that began with a commentary on how well our economy and stock market were doing, obviously written by someone with a far superior vocabulary than himself… hence his use of the word repugnant.  I am sure his base was confused by the omission of  the highly sophisticated term ‘very, very bad’, which he often uses when speaking of ideas he dislikes.  He admonished those groups by name because he was forced to do so… his admonishment is as hollow as is his ability to lead this country.  Our country is caught in the tornado that is his twitter storm of self-serving, ego-centered, and volatile statements on whatever catches his attention.

Who are those speaking out against his madness? Now there are many, perhaps more people will begin to listen.  Today they were there at a very small rally in a highly conservative town… they were the educators, social workers, doctors, medical professionals… they were people chanting for love, for peace, for tolerance, for justice, for equality…

What next?  Fight and stand for what is right… do not sit silently by just shaking your head… join a group, speak out, mail a postcard, call your elected officials, show up…

Building An Effective Wall

I just read that the ‘Wall Proposals’ are due on Wednesday.  I had this picture in my mind of people all over the world sitting in little teams contemplating materials and design.  Suddenly I had a flash of a children’s story I read to my first grade class every year: The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas.  From the title you can see that the classic tale is flip flopped and the sweet little wolves are terrorized by this big mean ugly pig.  The wolves like to play games like badminton, hopscotch and croquet … they try to protect themselves by using not straw, sticks and bricks, but iron bars, metal plates, concrete block and a video surveillance system… each time the Big Bad Pig blasts their home to bits with dynamite, sledgehammers, or his ever ready pneumatic drill.  Finally the wolves give up trying to build this fortress against their enemy….

I imagine our wall as their final house, a wall of flowers (or better yet edible plants) swaying delicately in the wind, having a similar effect on boarder dwellers, as the wolves flower house had on the Pig…. as one draws near our wall “they are filled with the fragrant scent of flowers”… their hearts grow and they begin to dance.  At my wall they may pick a strawberry or snack on an apple before shaking hands with the boarder control, who tend the wall, take selfies with the crossers and welcome them to America.

Gone are the people dying in the desert, gone are people dying in storage containers or the backs of overheated trucks and gone are those profiting from human trafficking…

I am sure there are holes in my dream… but if you don’t have the dream nothing can ever change…

No Intelligence – Give Me A Break

No intelligence… I heard CNN newscaster, Don Lemon utter these words.   As he was interviewing a Trump spokesperson about the claim that our former president ordered a wire-tap on Trump’s phone at Trump Tower, he simply asked the spokesperson if President Trump had any ‘intelligence’… and then “So, what your saying is that he has ‘No intelligence’.”  I laughed out loud and I am sure that once he said it he knew what it really meant.

Of course our president has no intelligence.  Conspiracy theories, die-hard supporters, poor judgement, and a quick finger when it comes to Twitter – he has those in spades… but intelligence he is lacking.  He is surprised at the complexity of our healthcare issues, shocked that people are concerned about his connection to Russia, and has mentioned our former president more times in the past six weeks than Obama mentioned Bush in his entire presidency.  He is becoming more unhinged as the days pass.

We have weathered more White House scandal than we have seen in decades… and he is just getting started.  Wait until he gets on a roll!

Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills, the ability to deal with new or trying situations.  Intelligence is what is required to process and synthesize information, to sift through a problem and come up with reasonable solutions.  It is the ability to rise to the occasion, use clear language and speak to a topic.  It is what we need as a nation.

A man who leads without intelligence is a danger to us all! We are being led by someone with no intelligence… and those who surround him are continuing to make excuses for him and cover it up…  Those who surround him need to take his phone at night… give us all a break!

An International Embarrassment

Since the election and inauguration friends from all over the world have contacted us about Trump.  What was America thinking? Do we know what Trumps is saying and doing? We used to think so highly of America, we used to hold it up as an ideal, and strive for things American.  We are scared and worried about the future.

We can’t defend our country or the decisions and attitudes of our leader.  We are as sad and shocked as our friends around the world.  We want them to know that we didn’t pick him, are speaking out against him and don’t agree with the path he is leading our country down.

Years ago we traveled to Europe… we wore shirts and hats from New Zealand.  It wasn’t long after 9-11 and we thought about not wanting to be targeted by people who looked to hurt Americans.  That sentiment and feeling is even stronger now.  Being an American abroad means you need to defend this disastrous decision, his policies, antics and tweets… he is the ultimate Ugly American. I feel lucky to be American, but embarrassed by our president and the fact that so many of us voted for him.  America First is reminiscent of the spoiled child yelling ‘me first’ over and over.  Yes, I know what it really means… but I believe we are part of a world and that we need to work together and help each other.  If your country is so great and GOD is so much a part of who you think we are, then where is our faith in the good in people, our common decency, our compassion and  our care for our fellow man.

Our partners around the world are worried that our past promises will not be honored, that we have become a country of hate and fear, and that we are not who we once were.  We need to show that this is not true… our leader does not speak for the majority of Americans and he does not speak for me.  If we are lucky he will implode sooner than later.  Even so, I think the International community will forever have an altered opinion of who we are… sad, very sad


Tow The Line

It was inspiring being among the thousands of people marching in Eugene and around the world.  They were friendly, hopeful, and united in a peaceful march exercising our freedom and showing the world what democracy is all about.  This call that WE are dividing the country is absurd.  We are not suggesting that the president is Kenyan, Muslim or a fascist.  This outcry of injustice is not because we are sore losers, it is because we care deeply for our country and the people who live here.  Am I to assume that no matter who wins the election it is my responsibility to sit down and shut up?

If that is how you want to handle your freedom, you have that right. I will not try to shame you into marching for freedom, for social security, for women’s rights, for healthcare, for public education, or for respect of all…

But today was day one of a new movement and I was part of it.  I want change, I want our world to be a better place and I am going to do everything in my power to make at happen. I was not alone, surrounded by women and men of all ages… doctors, teachers, students, business people, dancers, retired people and more.. they want change too, and we marched in the cold pouring rain to show that we were united in our conviction.

I will not tow the line and stand by… change comes when people are united in their action… we need to take this momentum and create a movement.

If the fact that I am protesting a man who mocks the disabled, is anti media, and thinks that if you have enough money you can do whatever you want, makes you uncomfortable, then that is your problem…. welcome to democracy

We Are In Good Hands…the best… just ask…

He has smarts and one of the best brains.  That is why he knows far more than the CIA’s intelligence officers, that is why he can do whatever the hell he wants, and that is why our country, it’s citizens, and the world’s population are in danger.  Any time you have someone who thinks they are the answer and knows better than the rest of us, but is unwilling to be informed, you are screwed.  It is completely outrageous that he will be our president and that he was elected by almost half the people of this country.  It will be four years of waking up to his latest bizarre tweet.  It will be four years of waiting to undo all of the things Trump will surly bully our country into and it will be four years of writing to our politicians, protesting, joining causes and being outraged by his actions.

His antics will be called out in the media and he will react… hopefully he will spend more of his time reacting to the media and other politicians than running the country… hopefully Republicans will see the fool they have put in power and deny many of the people he has chosen as his appointments…. and because Republicans believe in small government, hopefully much of the power will be in the hands of your governor.  And hopefully you like who your state elected to that position.  If not, join local government yourself… that Republican philosophy of returning power to the states, may be our best hope…We may not have to leave the country, but depending on where you live, you might have to leave the state…  just for four years.  You can come stay with me.

Just Kidding Folks

The more I hear and see Donald Trump the more I think back to that interview he did in the late 80’s or early 90’s… it looks like you can’t find it anymore on-line… but basically it said that if he did want to run for president he would run as a Republican because they are the ‘dumbest group of voters’…. sorry folks, it looks like he got you.  So far you moderates who voted for him are feeling vindicated because he has walked back many of his strong right stances that helped him rise to power and pushed me over the edge.  He has walked back repealing Obama Care, building the wall, waterboarding, deporting 11 million people, and prosecuting Hillary Clinton and more.  Those promises were what riled up his rally supporters, had them beating up protesters, screaming on CNN, and condoning his hateful speech.  They are feeling duped right about now.  ‘Lock her up!’ was their battle cry, it got them to the poles and got him on t.v. without paying a cent for coverage.  If you didn’t realize it when this all began, Trump is the biggest showman there it… more so than any politician, he would say ANYTHING to get elected.  And now that he is, we are stuck with his antics for the next four years.

So, when I go out to protest his inauguration on January 21, I am doing far more than protesting Trump. I am protesting his original supporters, those who picked him because of the hateful lies he told to get elected, I am protesting the system that put him in office even though he lost by almost 2,000,000 votes,  I am protesting Breitbart, and a billionaire (not Trump and not an educator) in charge of our education system whose organization only gives money to religious schools and wants school choice and I am protesting you who decided that a crap shoot was our country’s best bet.

Trump’s campaign platform? ~ ‘Just Kidding’