It’s Not About Him…

Tweet, tweet, tweet… day after day we read absurdly offensive statements from our president.  We asked ourselves why he took so long to tweet about Charlottesville  or any other event… there is only one answer… Charlottesville was not about him, and when things are not about him he doesn’t really care until someone makes him see that those events require a presidential response … what he really cares about is what he tweets about: crowd size, news that makes him look bad, SNL, people who disagree with his handling of an increasing number of incidents at home and around the world. He does not really care to tweet about incidents- just the people who disagree with or criticize him or things that will make him look good to his base.

As we go through these next 3 + years remember that everything that comes out of the white house is meant to make him look good, feel good or fire up his base. His perception of events are not ever objective.  For example, there may have been a commotion when he was tossing paper towels, what he said he heard were cheers, cheers for him.  It was probably shock, confusion, and a bit of outrage, but that is just my spin.

No tweets (that I have seen) about the California fires… he doesn’t really care much for Californians who didn’t vote for him, and sending his thoughts and prayers to that liberal state may upset his base.

If someone makes it about him… we will see some commentary and perhaps action… otherwise he has better things to focus on like his executive order reversing health care subsidies for the most needy Americans.  So glad he is showing America he can keep his promises. I can’t wait for America to be great again.


Disturbing Visit

It may not have gone unnoticed, but it hasn’t gotten the response it deserves.  The very first school our president went to visit was a private Catholic school.   This should have made headlines, drawn criticism from the National Teachers Union, and the separation of church and state should have been part of the discussion around the CNN newsdesk.

I am not against private school or private religious schools. If parents want something different than their local public school and a non-secular education based on agreed upon standards and curriculum, they can pay for it and make that choice.  They have the choice to take their child to a public school out of their district out of their area and still have that education paid for. That is very different than our government paying for private schools. His  visit sent me, a public school teacher, a clear message. Our president is going to follow Betsy DeVos’s lead and work to funnel some of our meager education dollars into private religious schools. Where is the separation of church and state?

The idea that somehow this will make education better, that the students of my little rural school will reap the benefits of this potential change in policy is ludicrous.  Unless the parents of these children are willing to drive  their child long distances each day they will be educated in their local school.  Who are those parents willing to make  that drive? Families who can afford the gas, families who care deeply about their child’s education, and parents who are involved.  Not to say that many lovely families who value education will choose to keep their children in their local school…but there may be an exodus of many of the best and brightest to schools where they can screen out children who struggle to behave, are low academically or demand too much attention from a teacher.

Who will be left in public education? If Trump has his way, I fear for public education, where we will have to make do with less and less while educating an increase percentage of those most difficult to educate.

This voucher system has not been thought through, but someone needs to start doing some serious thinking and stand up for our children, all of our children… and in standing up for all our children we ARE standing up for public education.

This disturbing visit should have sent shock waves through advocates of public education but instead we were freaking out over 3am tweets.  Don’t let him shift our focus on what really matters…if we become caught up in his distractions we may just miss what is really happening…

Wear Your Hat!

Okay, it is Day Two… we are all searching through FaceBook to look for pictures of marches across the world, find out how many were there in support of LOVE and denouncing Trumps hateful ways, and basking in the glow of rallying millions to stand together.  Now what?  Perhaps, like me, you live in a town where the majority of people have a different idea, that you are more alone in your opinions than you were as you marched yesterday.  What can YOU do to keep the movement going and to create a dialogue?

Wear your hat!  If you didn’t have a pussy hat at the march yesterday it is not too late.  Make one today… it is so easy.  Just a long pink rectangle folded over and sewn up the sides… I’ll attach a link to the pattern… if you can’t knit or crochet, you can just get some pink fleece and make two seams.  Wear it when you go out, show that you are in solidarity with the marchers without saying a word.  You don’t have to wear a shirt that says something controversial ~ it is just a hat… and if people watched any news yesterday, they will know what it means and if they have a different point of view, it just might spark a conversation (hopefully not a confrontation).

People who were on the fence or didn’t vote in the election will be the most easy to talk to… they are the first people to begin that conversation with…

So, on Day Two start talking (or keep talking)… keep wearing your hat! I have to dry mine out first… it is soaked from the pouring rain at the march in Eugene!



Just Kidding Folks

The more I hear and see Donald Trump the more I think back to that interview he did in the late 80’s or early 90’s… it looks like you can’t find it anymore on-line… but basically it said that if he did want to run for president he would run as a Republican because they are the ‘dumbest group of voters’…. sorry folks, it looks like he got you.  So far you moderates who voted for him are feeling vindicated because he has walked back many of his strong right stances that helped him rise to power and pushed me over the edge.  He has walked back repealing Obama Care, building the wall, waterboarding, deporting 11 million people, and prosecuting Hillary Clinton and more.  Those promises were what riled up his rally supporters, had them beating up protesters, screaming on CNN, and condoning his hateful speech.  They are feeling duped right about now.  ‘Lock her up!’ was their battle cry, it got them to the poles and got him on t.v. without paying a cent for coverage.  If you didn’t realize it when this all began, Trump is the biggest showman there it… more so than any politician, he would say ANYTHING to get elected.  And now that he is, we are stuck with his antics for the next four years.

So, when I go out to protest his inauguration on January 21, I am doing far more than protesting Trump. I am protesting his original supporters, those who picked him because of the hateful lies he told to get elected, I am protesting the system that put him in office even though he lost by almost 2,000,000 votes,  I am protesting Breitbart, and a billionaire (not Trump and not an educator) in charge of our education system whose organization only gives money to religious schools and wants school choice and I am protesting you who decided that a crap shoot was our country’s best bet.

Trump’s campaign platform? ~ ‘Just Kidding’

Changing the Presidency

I watched the vice presidential debate last night and listened as the vice presidential candidates discussed issues, their running mates, their experience and their vision.  My take on Mr. Kaine is that he is ready to be Hillary’s vp and take over if necessary… My take on Mr. Pence is that he will be running the country.

It occurs to me that if we do end up electing Trump, we will be changing the way our political system is structured. We will go the way of countries that have sitting emperors or kings and queens… our presidency will become a figurehead… he will throw out the ball during the first game of the World Series, he will host state dinners, he will open malls and dedicate statues, he will travel the world going to weddings of foreign dignitaries, and he will host Easter Egg hunts on the White House lawn… Mr. Pence will be running the show… he will have to be.

Trump has been measured these past several days in his use of Twitter – someone has probably confiscated his phone… Hang on, they must be telling him… let Pence get out there… because when you vote… if you pick Trump… you will be voting for the measured man he picked for his running mate and against having a real president.

p.s. Vote for Hillary


I know you are disenchanted with the choices of candidates… and we are over voting for the lesser of two evils… but sitting at home on election day is not the answer.

I had dinner last night with some friends that I have great respect for.  They are deep thinkers, educated and intelligent.  We are not all in agreement about our political stance and that is just fine because we are all reasonable.  But many of my friends are considering not voting at all and this saddens me.

I know our system is far from perfect – very far, but not voting does not send that message.  No one will know why you chose not to vote.  You could just be uninterested, uncaring, out of the country, too busy, or just lazy.  We need the message to read: I don’t like the choices you have given me and I want you to do a better job… so vote… send in your ballot and write someone in… doing that is not going to affect the outcome anymore than not voting… but it does send a very different message… and here in Oregon, voting is easy – you sit on your couch, mark your ballot, and mail it in – done.

So write in a candidate, pick Jill Stein, or just put Bernie… but let the powers that be know that you are not happy with our system, you are not lazy, you are fed up, and if they want you to vote out of fear, you are not playing that game anymore!


The New Political Party

As anti-American as it may seem,  there seems to be a new political party gaining a stronghold in middle America… It is cleverly disguised as something familiar and acceptable to us all.  It boasts a grassroots base with people who have a strong moral compas.  It is actually the hijacking of the Republican Party which seems to slowly be morphing into the Christian Republican Party… you might call them Evangelical, or tea partiers or maybe those nut balls that live down the road.  But actually they are none of those things.  They are people who believe with all of their hearts that our country would be best served by someone who is a very religious Christian.  That a Christian leader will  set the rest of the country ‘right’, and on the path their God has chosen for America. Several of the Republican candidates evoke God in their speeches, they make sure to bless us all before they are done and talk about taking the country back from non-believers.

But, here is the thing… Our country and it’s politicians are not supposed to promote religion… they are not supposed to let it seep into our policies, schools, or laws.  We are a country that was founded on freedom of religion, escaping oppressive rulers, and living life free from discrimination stemming from race, religion, sex, age and anything else you can think to discriminate against.  This new Christian party wants to create rules about who you can marry, about what you do with your body, which women’s health organizations are worthy of support, which medical testing will be funded, what scientific information can be taught in schools and whether or not you can see a doctor (unfortunately only those with a large pocket book (or a job that provides insurance) are really allowed to get healthcare).  Sorry if you are poor… you just are not working hard enough.  Only those citizens who have served in the military are afforded some of what they deserve … I am not saying that Veterans deserve less – they deserve way more than they are getting now… but so do the struggling families who live in one of the richest country in the world.

This new Christian Party needs to step away from politics and back into church.  Ted Cruz needs to be preaching from a pulpit, not speaking in a presidential debate.  And those people donating all of their time and money to elect a Christian into office should take that money out of the political arena and donate it to the charity of their choice, adopt a few unwanted children,  if they are doctors they can have a sliding scale for patients who can’t afford their bills, join the Big Brothers and Sisters of America, start an after school running club for kids in need and buy their local school shoes and backpacks.  This new Christian Party could do great things in the private sector because that is where they belong…Maybe they are already doing all of those things… but maybe not.