Only Two

Where is the horror?  Two innocent people have been murdered… a teacher and an 8 year old child… IN A SCHOOL

If you blinked, you may have missed our most recent school shooting.  It was yesterday, when a man waltzed through the front office, signed in, went into a classroom and opened fire in front of children, killing the teacher, her eight year old student, and injuring a nine-year old.  I heard about it in one on-line story about an hour after the incident and then again on NPR as I was driving home.  By the time I settled down with my glass of wine and grading to do, CNN was covering Trump’s excessive golf habits, the doctor being dragged off of a United flight and the Syrian bombing… I watched for two hours and there was no mention of the shooting… WTF?

I guess domestic violence does not get ratings… not to mention that both the victim and shooter were black, the slaughter happened in a brown neighborhood, and only one child was killed…. I am disgusted to think that we only care about Islamic terrorism, violence that is racially driven, mass murder, or manifestos.  We SHOULD care about this…

They were newly weds, he was a church going blessed man, she was a special ed teacher… but things were going wrong, she tried to leave a man that was scaring her and…  HE HAD A GUN… HE HAD A GUN… HE HAD A GUN…

Where is our RED LINE, our 59 missiles, our repeal and replace of gun regulation, our metal detectors in every school across the nation, our extra funding for mental health (or marital health), our wall against gun violence…

Those two innocents meant the world to the people who loved them… but that crime didn’t play into our narrative of things we need to rally against… really?  Here in ‘Make America Great Land’ you are more likely to be shot by a fellow American either by accident or because he is a bit ‘off’, than you are to be killed by a terrorist… let’s put America first by taking care of THIS business…. domestic violence and access to guns needs to be addressed… the end


Tow The Line

It was inspiring being among the thousands of people marching in Eugene and around the world.  They were friendly, hopeful, and united in a peaceful march exercising our freedom and showing the world what democracy is all about.  This call that WE are dividing the country is absurd.  We are not suggesting that the president is Kenyan, Muslim or a fascist.  This outcry of injustice is not because we are sore losers, it is because we care deeply for our country and the people who live here.  Am I to assume that no matter who wins the election it is my responsibility to sit down and shut up?

If that is how you want to handle your freedom, you have that right. I will not try to shame you into marching for freedom, for social security, for women’s rights, for healthcare, for public education, or for respect of all…

But today was day one of a new movement and I was part of it.  I want change, I want our world to be a better place and I am going to do everything in my power to make at happen. I was not alone, surrounded by women and men of all ages… doctors, teachers, students, business people, dancers, retired people and more.. they want change too, and we marched in the cold pouring rain to show that we were united in our conviction.

I will not tow the line and stand by… change comes when people are united in their action… we need to take this momentum and create a movement.

If the fact that I am protesting a man who mocks the disabled, is anti media, and thinks that if you have enough money you can do whatever you want, makes you uncomfortable, then that is your problem…. welcome to democracy

A Generation (or more) Apart

It isn’t an excuse because I know plenty of people in their late sixties, seventies and even into their eighties who are open-minded, up on current events, politically correct, progressive and sharp as a tack… but some folks in the GOP, especially their presidential nominee, are spouting antiquated ideas about minorities and women.  When a leader of the GOP goes on Fox News and tells Megyn Kelly that all she cares about is sex, and dares her to say something disparaging about a former president…. Dares Her…. like he was a kid on the playground… isn’t time to reevaluate your support of his political party? Trump congratulated him on his embarrassing behavior… It is time to let those ‘old boys’ in their good old boys club, retire and step aside.  They are not doing our county or their party any favors by hanging around spreading hate, bigotry, insults and misogyny.  Patronizing women and minorities, saying that those of the inner city are lacking education, and continuing to propagate the belief that the election is rigged is out of line.  The lies told about Hillary and the false reality that many are soaking up and spreading around are dangerous to our democracy.

Trump is offensive to one and all… he is a throwback and not the man to elect if you want our country to move forward… he is a big step back…. back to the good old days?  No… just back to the ‘Good ol’ Boys’ where men were in the boardroom and women were Home with the children…

Send a clear message that we are a new generation and we are moving forward…. we wont go back

p.s. Vote for Hillary

Who Cares?

The scariest and saddest part of the uprising of Trump is really not Trump himself…it is the people who don’t care about who he is and how he has lived his life.  I watched as a small blond CNN reported asked a Trump supporter about the women who have come forward…. what if their allegations were true? His response was, ‘So what? Who cares?’

If the allegations are true…. who cares? It was echoed by men and women alike at the Trump rally, spoken to this small woman with a microphone and spread across the country and the world…  a man who takes what he wants, forces himself on women, who is the epitome of misogynistic beliefs and actions… he is the man who close to half the American people may vote for…

How do we hold our children to higher standards than we hold our own president? What message do we send to our sons and daughters if his misogynistic behavior does not matter… that if we have enough money and power no one will care what we do to others…

Many of his supporters do not care, or if they do, they have decided to give him a pass because he claims to represent their other beliefs.  This is unacceptable. We all need, but especially men, need to send him and the rest of the world a message that we care. And that treating woman as sexual objects to be rated, grabbed and demeaned is something we will not tolerate from our citizens or from our leaders. Yes, this election is about issues but the biggest issue has become , and should be, that all citizens of the world should be treated with respect… there really is no issue more important than that