To all who are celebrating Easter today I hope that it brings you comfort in knowing that Jesus sacrified his life to save you.  If you are a believer, then today may be the most meaningful day. It is a day where you are thinking deeply about the gift you have been given by your savior.

Now I will get political…. because across our country people are gathering in churches to celebrate this ultimate sacrifice, this gift from God, this day of hope for the future… and yet… and yet… and yet…

Our citizens are unwilling to look at the second amendment differently, unwilling to sacrifice their right to a quick and easy killing machine, to save the people of our country.  I have heard more than one citizen say that owning a gun is a God given right… oh my

Did Jesus sacrifice his life so you could openly carry an assault rifle to a peace rally? Did he die so that you could call teenage survivors, trying to make a change, names?  Did he sacrifice so that you could poison the rivers, turn away the hungry, bully the caring, and break apart families?  Did he give you the ultimate gift of salvation so that you could demean his teachings by doing the ‘right thing’ because it is holy week?

I know that many believers are on the right side of all of these issues… but for those who are not, and are sitting in their churches listening to HIS word, I hope you listen closely because nowhere will you find anything close to words supporting where our country’s leaders have taken us, where anyone can do whatever the f*** they want no matter who it hurts, where the NRA has twisted our constitution, and where God has given us the right to own guns.

Jesus paid the ultimate price so that you could live your life… what are you willing to sacrifice so that our world will be a better place?  If you have to rely on it being ‘holy week’ to do the right thing then you have no business calling yourself a Christian, you should be doing the right thing EVERYDAY…

God did not give you the right to own a gun, it is a choice you make based on your values.  What do YOU value and what are you willing to sacrifice?

If you are religious it is time to ask yourself, what sacrifices can be made in your personal life to make the world a better place?  Showing love, kindness, and practicing peace are good ways to start, although those don’t require sacrifice…

Paying more taxes, recycling, eating fewer animal products, regulating gun ownership and gun control may be sacrifices… thinking beyond what is good for just you and your family, thinking about what is good for society, and for the world… that is sacrifice


That’s Why They Pay Me The Big Bucks

I sat on the floor in the hallway.  An upset child sat with me.  He was not in trouble but had used the word ‘penis’ when talking about where the ball had hit him.  His friend, who he now hated, came to tell me that this sweet little guy was using inappropriate language.  Quickly I told him that the word ‘penis’ was not an inappropriate word, it was the name of part of your body.  There was nothing wrong with that word or that part of the body.

How do we explain that not all families like to use that word?  I tried my best.  ‘That word is something that doctors might use, or that some families use, or ….., hmmmm, it is a word that makes some people worried’… The boy fired back, ‘It is a normal word!’ Yes, it is, but not all families like to use it.  “Like the ‘H’ word?” Yes.

We got through the moment… I told him, “If you are worried about something it is okay to come to me, I won’t be mad and it doesn’t mean that someone will be in trouble. It’s my job, that’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

‘They pay you a lot of money for this?’….’Well, not a lot, but enough so that I can buy good food to eat. Okay?’ Okay….

Oh, my….

A Message From God

Have you ever heard that God answers all prayers, sometimes the answer is no and sometimes you just don’t like the answer? Well, America, we have been praying a lot lately.  And if you do believe that God answers all prayers, you have to be wondering.

The list of tragedies in our country is growing rapidly. The media is being stretched thin as they send their reporters to dueling tragedies, both natural and man-made, across our nation…

Perhaps God is angry. Fires, floods, mass shootings. Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Las Vegas, Northern California, Puerto Rico, Oregon… we are being hammered from all sides… Maybe Trump isn’t ‘God’s Man’ after all… maybe God is sending us a message.

But, heck, the stock market is up

Sympathy for the Devil

I almost feel sorry for him… day after day, speech after speech, meeting after meeting and tweet after tweet… people still support him ~ those same people who wore the red hats and flooded the internet spreading fake news ~ they are standing tall by their man.  Billing himself as the only one who could come in and ‘save’ our country, he was (and probably still is) looked at as the Messiah. I recall reading  and hearing his supporters  speak about Trump being the choice of God.  How frightening for them to think that God was really not in charge of our election but actually a narcissistic loose cannon and his helpful Russian friends (whether he knew it or not).  Trump is spiraling out of control, digging his hole deeper by the day, and alienating our global friends. Most every day we can hear him speaking the alternate truth.  Watching Trump’s presidency is like watching a train wreck or a singer perform who can’t carry a tune… cringing, I watch, through my finger, shaking my head…  I almost feel sorry for him because he is making himself and our country look like a fool…. and a man in his 70’s should behave with more dignity and speak with more care…

Impeachment? I don’t think it will happen…. but I can hope…

People say that everything is either a gift or a lesson…. well, America?  Have we learned our lesson yet?  If so, it is time to move on and do better next time.

God’s Man

A friend of mine recently texted me at work… this almost never happens, but she was upset.  It seems that there is this article going around on facebook saying that God chose Trump to be our president.  The author believes that God has chosen this imperfect man to lead us and be the instrument that will bring Christian values back to our country. She is not a Trump supporter and was upset by all of the shares and likes this article was receiving as if people were rallying behind the idea that Trump was chosen by God.

I have often heard that God answers every prayer, the answer just isn’t always ‘yes’.  If you believe that God has something to do with Trump’s bid for the White House,  perhaps God’s message, by giving us  a man so unqualified for the position he seeks, is that it is time for you to rethink your own position.  Maybe God does not agree with the way you want the country to go… maybe God wants your candidate to lose… maybe He is sending you a message… listen up

The Importance of a Name

My name is Allison.  I have had many names over the years… AJ, Al, Lolly, Nosilla, Mom, teacher, Mrs. Whitworth, miss, mam… I answer to them all. But to the people who call me those different names they mean something very different… They are tied to who I am to them… a daughter, a friend, a parent, and more.  The name does not really matter – it is the connection that does.

We look at the world from so many different perspectives and we believe what we believe… God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Heavenly Father, Adonai,  El-Shaddai, Elohim, Lord and others that I don’t know, are all names we call the supreme being.  Although I do not believe in some divine being planning our daily lives, heartaches, illnesses, and successes… I do think that if there is a divine being he or she would not care what name we use or the practices we follow… None of us has been beyond this world so we are all going on a hunch… What we call our God only matters to us… embracing what others call God just validates that you believe He (or She) is what you believe Her to be… Open yourself to the idea that we can only see from our own perspective but that others may also have a view (from a different vantage point) to the deity you worship…

Embrace the variety… they are only names…