I Know Who You Are

I know you.  I’ve known you for years, maybe even decades and you are a good person. I know because I’ve seen you with friends and strangers, as a parent or teacher, or as a volunteer and a caregiver.  I know that you are kind, considerate, intelligent, compassionate and care about the environment and the world.  I know that you would never harm someone on purpose and you believe in something greater than yourself.  If asked, you would do anything for a friend.  And yet..

And yet you voted for Trump. And even if you don’t agree with all of his antics, you decided that he should lead our country.  You may have decided to turn off the news because you believe it isn’t true. You may have ‘unfollowed’ me because I am posting things that offend you and question your moral and intellectual judgement.  You may have decided that politics just isn’t for you, that the news is toxic to your health and friendships, or that what you hear can’t possibly be true.  You are sitting by watching our country suffer because of your choice, but to admit that it is being caused by Trump and that you made a mistake is too much.  Or you are closing your eyes.  You made the choice to support him because of economic reasons, because you believed the lies told about Clinton and because you refused to see the truth about Trump even when he told you who he was with his own mouth.

You are loving and have a good heart, so yes, I can’t understand.

We can’t talk politics any more because the man leading our country is vile and those who still support him are in too deep and questioning their decision is suggesting that they too share his ideas.  When you have a kind heart, the thought that you helped to make a horrible man our leader rocks your world.

You are not part of the people screaming at immigrants to go home, or taking children away from their mothers, or cutting benefits from those who are in need, or shooting endangered animals, or beating up 91 year old men from Mexico, or trying to outlaw gay marriage, or, or, or…

You have a kind heart… but your man is flaming the fire of hate in our country, your man is wreaking havoc on our reputation in the world, your man is doing more to ruin our country and what we hold dear than any other president EVER.  In his name, with the climate HE created, more atrocities have been done in our country and by our country.

And yet, you share his lies on FB, you argue against those who criticize his methods and words, you refuse to question his policies, you ignore what you don’t want to see, and you turn away from the truth of what he is doing.

And yet, I thought I knew who you were…


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