Postcard #1:

Dear Mr. Trump,  I am a public school teacher. I started working in public education in 1989.  The decline in education has nothing to do with a decline in my teaching abilities, it has to do with the loss of funding and the lack of support for education from families and government.  Your recent visit to a Catholic private school demonstrates how you think public education will change…. scary! Our country is doomed.  ~Allison

Postcard #2:

Dear Mr. Trump,  More on education (I could not fit my thoughts into 144 characters)… Our schools need more funding with added support and funds for Talented and Gifted students as well as special education.  You want the best and brightest to become teachers?  Start showing them the respect they deserve.  I am so sad that you are “leading” our country.  Scary! ~Allison

Postcard #3:

Dear Mr. Trump, Your lack of self-control would not be tolerated in my first grade classroom.  Your tweets are an embarrassment to our country and the office of president.  Time to step away and let someone with real intelligence lead our country! ~Allison

Postcard #4:

Dear Mr. Trump,  Your hatred for immigrants and refugees is an embarrassment to who we are as Americans!  You are not my voice, you are not my president! Over 3 million more people voted for Hillary!  Just resign for the good of our country! ~Allison

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