Just Because You Believe It…

Just because you believe it does not make it true… Just because others agree with you does not make you right… and just because our President shouts it over the airways does not mean it isn’t a lie… One of his constant untruths is that the New York Times is fake media and they are failing as a business… This is completely false, but he says it over and over, tweets it and speaks about it as if he knows better.

Repeal and replace, repeal and replace, repeal and replace… I have a great plan… a better plan and you will lose nothing… it will cost you less and cover more… Well, just because you believe it….

I have great respect for women, no one has more respect than I do… ask anyone… Well, just because you believe it…

I am for working class Americans… no one understands their struggle more than I do… I am so pro-working class… Well, just because you believe it…

I love the blacks… I have many friends who are black… the blacks really love me… Well, just because you believe it…

I support the gays… no one loves the gays more than I do… look at me wave this rainbow flag someone shoved in my hand… really?  Just because you believe it…

I am looking closely at what I believe and trying to make sure I am not just repeating what I have heard… I am trying to think critically about what he says when he speaks… trying not to jump on everything that comes out of his mouth as being a problem or being a lie… I am reserving that judgement for when his statements are proven false ~ like with Sweden… I only hope that those who are believing everything he says take a pause to think critically and question his ‘facts’…

Several years ago I was having a discussion with a good friend.  This friend does not agree with me politically and we were respectfully debating a topic… I finally asked her where she got her information.  From this great source… a really honest news site… very balanced…. Breitbart.  I had never heard of it, so I wrote it down and as soon as I could I looked it up and started reading.  A few articles seemed plausible but on the edge… as I read, over a period of weeks, I could tell that much of it was just propaganda ~ not at all true facts but mostly thoughts and ideas about what real news might mean for the future or what conspiracy theories were hiding in innocent acts of our government, education system, science and around the world.  Now I understood why my friend believed some of the horrid things said about Obama, Hillary, and more.  This site was confirming her false fears based on theories, not on facts.

I beg of you to search for facts, to learn so that when you state what you ‘believe’ you can back it up with facts and figures from sources outside the White House and conspiracy theory driven ‘news’ organizations.  Left or Right leaning media are very different from the former… they report the facts with their own slant, as long as you know that, you can learn a lot and stay informed… but, be aware… Just because you believe it, does not make it true!

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