Look For the Joy!

My blogs of late have been filled with angst and concern over the Republican Administration and where they are taking OUR country.  But, this morning, as I was thinking about where I wanted to take this country, it occurred to me to think about my own life motto: Remember to Look For the Joy!

No, there is no joy to be found looking at the Republican leadership in the White House… but there is joy in us…. in watching friends and family wake up and begin to take part in our political process… not just vote every two or four years… but to begin to take issue with things that were once off their radar… watching as judges from around the country stand up for what is right…  The Republican Administration has created something that for a long time was asleep in America… a strong and growing opposition, a globally minded collection of intellectuals, an educated informed coalition, voices of science, education and art who recognize this world for what it could be.

This is my joy: meeting people from all walks of life, reading their ideas, joining together, marching, protesting, and not giving up.

The billionaire Republicans in power created this… in a sense they are fulfilling their promise to ‘Make America Great Again’… they just didn’t really know what that meant

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