Your Sky

I have hated it when I heard people comparing our current president to Hitler.  To me it was going too far, too harsh, and would alienate those we wanted to sway… But this ban  on people  is Hitleresque.  And, those who are carrying out his orders, knowing they are unjust, unkind and unconstitutional are just like the troops who followed orders to keep their jobs. I applaud Ms. Yates for taking a stand and saying she was unwilling to do something she believed to be wrong. We all need to be ready to do just that.

We have elected a madman, a loose cannon, a maniac, and someone with no forethought to the most powerful position in the world!  You shook your finger when we said ‘the sky is falling’… well, it is… he just insulted and fired our Attorney General, banned people from seven countries, decided that someone who ran an alt-right newspaper should be in on all intelligence meetings, put forward someone who is not an educator to run our education system, and is clearly mentally unstable.

Maybe YOUR sky isn’t falling. Perhaps you drove to work today just like any other day, picked your kids up at daycare or from the bus stop, went to the local Mexican restaurant or grabbed a pizza… maybe you are home, warm and comfortable after a hot shower, food in the oven and a glass of wine in your hand… Maybe you are surfing the internet deciding where to take your next vacation, or getting together with your friends for Bible study.

Maybe YOUR sky isn’t falling…



3 thoughts on “Your Sky

  1. You have said exactly what I have been thinking. Especially after Sean Spicer ,suggested that those career employees who disagree with him, should get with the program or quit.
    These same employees , have served both Democratic and Republican administrations, and are being tossed out because they disagree with Trump’s approach.
    This does not bode well for us, our country and our constitution .
    “Yes men “as advisors are not advisors at all. They are self centered lemmings who will go along to get along.
    Very Scary!!

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  2. This morning I heard Nixon’s adviser John Dean tell Katie Tur on MSNBC that the parallels between his old boss Dick Nixon & Trump are scary, so far. He said they were both very Authoritarian, but that Nixon actually considered the advice of his advisors that did not agree with his positions. It looks like Trump will end up as his own worst enemy much like Nixon did. Firing your Attorney General for not supporting your hasty, illegal, unconstitutional executive order is one of the scary parallels Trump has with Nixon. Trump’s malignant narcissistic disorder will bring him down. Let’s do everything we can to support and encourage our good American Reps. & Senators to Impeach him and bring an ironclad suit to the Senate so he can Fire himself.

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  3. These are dark times indeed. I was sitting down after class, with a student this afternoon, and he let rip about how destructive Trump’s executive orders are, and the lasting affect they will have on him and his young family. The redeeming factor is, young people are now being motivated. I just hope we are not too late!

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