Tow The Line

It was inspiring being among the thousands of people marching in Eugene and around the world.  They were friendly, hopeful, and united in a peaceful march exercising our freedom and showing the world what democracy is all about.  This call that WE are dividing the country is absurd.  We are not suggesting that the president is Kenyan, Muslim or a fascist.  This outcry of injustice is not because we are sore losers, it is because we care deeply for our country and the people who live here.  Am I to assume that no matter who wins the election it is my responsibility to sit down and shut up?

If that is how you want to handle your freedom, you have that right. I will not try to shame you into marching for freedom, for social security, for women’s rights, for healthcare, for public education, or for respect of all…

But today was day one of a new movement and I was part of it.  I want change, I want our world to be a better place and I am going to do everything in my power to make at happen. I was not alone, surrounded by women and men of all ages… doctors, teachers, students, business people, dancers, retired people and more.. they want change too, and we marched in the cold pouring rain to show that we were united in our conviction.

I will not tow the line and stand by… change comes when people are united in their action… we need to take this momentum and create a movement.

If the fact that I am protesting a man who mocks the disabled, is anti media, and thinks that if you have enough money you can do whatever you want, makes you uncomfortable, then that is your problem…. welcome to democracy

2 thoughts on “Tow The Line

  1. Nicely done, Allison. I’m starting to see Trump’s election as a good thing, I think we all forgot that active participation is necessary and that voting once a year, or not at all, is not the way it works.


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