Look Away

I will not watch.  I will look away as our country is turned over to the biggest d*** that ever made a fortune duping others out of their time and money.  Watching CNN the other day it just hit me.  Donald Trump WILL be our president. It was just this emblem advertising the inauguration with a big picture of his face in the middle of an official looking seal.  It just struck me, the absurdity of electing this reality t.v. star to the most powerful position in the world.  His grinning face struck me as comical, like a mock-up fake ad for his upcoming reality t.v. show.

I will not watch.  Last night, rather than tuning onto any news station, I watched Seinfeld… I may watch the entire series over these next four years.  It was comforting to laugh at something that wasn’t also terrifying at the same time.

I will not watch.  I will work on my hats for the Women’s March in Eugene, I will make a lovely dinner, I will blog… but I will not watch the most embarrassing thing to happen to our county in recent years.  I would much rather watch Alec Baldwin give his comic interpretation on SNL of how it went than to see it really happening… at least my laughter will be real and not a cover for the horror I feel facing this new reality.

One thought on “Look Away

  1. No, we should not watch. By watching, even in mockery, we are condoning. I will work today, and try and write my own blog in between that work. You and I are educators, Alison, and that is one place to “look for the joy” during the next four years–in students. For me, that means doubling my efforts to support children. I have a feeling you will be doing the same–keep on writing! Love your Blog.

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