There comes a point, when you are listening to the news or watching a press conference, that you shake your head and begin to chuckle.  At times like these, you may even talk to yourself… asking if it is really possible that those words or actions just came from our soon to be president.  Each day brings a new statement in a sound-bite, from one of his outrageous yes-‘men’, or in 140 characters.  Time does not need to tell if he will be the same person he was on the campaign trail, if he will make our country the laughing stock of the world, if he will lead us down a slippery slope as he looks out for number one… he will.

Like a train wreck, it is hard to look, but also hard to look away… I watched our current president laugh during an interview years ago… he was facing tough times and difficult circumstances ~ really nothing funny about it~ but when he was ‘called out’ by the reporter, he said that if you can’t laugh at the absurdity, if you can’t keep your sense of humor, if you can’t chuckle and shake your head, you are doomed.  I will not be doomed.  I will continue to watch the train wreck, to be a bit shocked, but also to shake my head and laugh.  The absurdity of Donald Trump actually being the president is enough to send me into hysterical laughter.  Keep fighting the good fight… but don’t forget to laugh

Maybe I’ll see you at the march.  I’ll be the one wearing a ‘pussy hat’ and laughing.

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