Christmas Eve

This is my joy… tonight a few friends will stop by for a long hard hug… we will celebrate the season but also notice the changes that a year brings… Yes, most of us keep up on facebook but that does not replace that greeting you get from people who know and care about you… People come to our house because it is a tradition, but also people come because they are far away from their own families or because our house is on the way to somewhere else… It is a gift to us that people come, but it is also a gift to all of our friends… a gift of belonging, of laughter, of food and drink.

For my parents who live far away, it was one of the first ways they began to really know our lives… My mother helps me all day cut veggies, empty the bathroom garbage, and set up the food… my dad runs out for the ice and visits with the boys…. they look forward to seeing these people once every year, and for them and many who come, it is a completely different crowd than the one they see all year round… because it is our crowd… eclectic, funny, spread across generations, ideas, and gathered from the all around the world… Irish, English, Australian, New Zealand, Brazilian, Mexican, Canadian, and some from just around the corner… We even hope to have a few skype in from Italy and Japan just for fun!

I make traditional foods with a vegan twist… Paul says it is not quite the same, its not a complaint… is isn’t… but he is probably the only one who will really notice so that’s okay… It is never perfect and I almost always forget to put something out…The cast has changed over the years because of travels, obligations, moves and losses, but I have learned one thing after hosting many many parties, people don’t come because you cleaned the kitchen floor, they come because they are your friends…

I am sure the conversation will be lively and full of interesting opinions… our holiday drink is ready and waiting… to friends and family, I hope you stop by for that long hard hug… what a way to celebrate!

And, IF you want to talk politics, I am ready… 😉

2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. We’ll be on an airplane headed for Seattle. Enjoy–and keep talking politics!!! (I will be forbidden to at the in-laws, but that’s okay. Like you, I’m always reading!)

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