Great Again?

Great Again?  Who is this message really for?  I was listening to NPR the other morning as they interviewed a panel of four citizens… all educated with good jobs, all live in the same community, two Trump supporters and two Hillary supporters, two white, two black, two women and two men… The white woman and black man voted for Trump, the black woman and white man voted for Clinton… it was a polite, civil, intelligent and thoughtful conversation… we don’t hear those much these days.  My ‘take away’… the kind people who voted for Trump didn’t give his inflammatory words much weight, they hoped he would denounce racism and the groups who spout hate, but they voted because they believed he would help our economy… until that interview they didn’t think about what his slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ really meant, and how that slogan means something different depending on who you are and where you are coming from.

‘Great Again’ to you may mean better jobs, less unemployment, affordable health insurance, lower medical bills, less regulation, better education, less crime, fewer abortions, and a stronger America… Which era are we heading back to? The 90’s, the 70’s, the 50’s… maybe the 20’s?

‘Great Again’ to others may mean segregation, don’t ask ~don’t tell, white only signs, the glass ceiling, fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, poverty far beyond what we have now, lack of funding for social programs many American’s depend on, the draft, the cold war, Japanese internment, lynchings, no rights or protection for the LGBTQ community, big industry pouring poison into the environment, coal miners dying from lung disease, no overtime or minimum wage, no low-income housing, and no way out…If people are confused then remind them… Great Again didn’t mean the same thing to everyone.

Rather than ‘Great Again’ … let’s just make America better… not quite as catchy… but we may be able to get behind it and build on what is already good in our country, press forward with what is right, and finally let go of the America our parents and grandparents grew up in… we must continue to move forward… looking forward ~if we keep looking back we’ll only trip and fall

Great Again?  No. In spite of our new leaders we need to fight for a different plan, a different slogan, and a different America…we need to fight for: Better than before…

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