Would You Change Your Vote?

Let’s just say that you, for some crazy reason, voted for Trump…. do you still stand with that choice?  Seeing him in action, knowing what we know now, watching his ‘victory rallies’… would you change your vote? I would love to start a campaign to those folks voting in the electoral college on December 19th letting them know that the American people were duped into voting for a liar, a cheat, and a guy who cares more about big business than the American worker.  Start writing to your state and party leaders… I voted for Trump but I’ve changed my mind!!!!!!!  It looks like there are plenty of Republicans concerned by their pick… speak up and let your concern be heard… If I had been tricked, Electors voting in the Electoral College to do what they are supposed to do… vote in the best interest of people who didn’t have all the facts or were fed lies.  They can cast their votes based on their own conscience.  Maybe there is hope yet!

2 thoughts on “Would You Change Your Vote?

  1. I love the idea of mass demonstrations calling on the Electoral College to change their votes. I think they meet next week. Allison, get out in front–millions of Americans taking to the street!

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  2. I voted for Trump and have no desire to change my vote. Love his action with Carrier. Love his public negotiations with Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Most conservative cabinet in a generation. Making America great again!


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