We Are In Good Hands…the best… just ask…

He has smarts and one of the best brains.  That is why he knows far more than the CIA’s intelligence officers, that is why he can do whatever the hell he wants, and that is why our country, it’s citizens, and the world’s population are in danger.  Any time you have someone who thinks they are the answer and knows better than the rest of us, but is unwilling to be informed, you are screwed.  It is completely outrageous that he will be our president and that he was elected by almost half the people of this country.  It will be four years of waking up to his latest bizarre tweet.  It will be four years of waiting to undo all of the things Trump will surly bully our country into and it will be four years of writing to our politicians, protesting, joining causes and being outraged by his actions.

His antics will be called out in the media and he will react… hopefully he will spend more of his time reacting to the media and other politicians than running the country… hopefully Republicans will see the fool they have put in power and deny many of the people he has chosen as his appointments…. and because Republicans believe in small government, hopefully much of the power will be in the hands of your governor.  And hopefully you like who your state elected to that position.  If not, join local government yourself… that Republican philosophy of returning power to the states, may be our best hope…We may not have to leave the country, but depending on where you live, you might have to leave the state…  just for four years.  You can come stay with me.

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