Breathe, People

Every day, all day long, Trump is showing the country new ways in which he is not fit to govern.  But wringing our hands and beating our chests at each of these crazed tangents only make us seems unstable and stretching to rally against an issue that is still not even a clear thought.  His presidency has not even begun to take shape and all of his ranting (and our responding to it) is only adding to the fear we have for the future.  We can take action today, contact our politicians, plan to protest… but we cannot live in the future… we cannot, I cannot survive in the ‘what-ifs’…

Remember to breathe, and for now take what he says with a grain of salt… it seems that there may be more level-headed people around him who will rein him in and keep him from stepping too far over the line… things will change, but don’t let the fear of that consume you… yes, act now, but wait to react until the future is upon us… nothing has really changed yet but our perception of the future… so just breathe and make today the very best it can possibly be… for yourself, for your family, for your friends and for us all… Happy Thursday!

3 thoughts on “Breathe, People

  1. While I hear you, I think we–liberals–Democrats–made a mistake for a year by taking what he was saying with a grain of salt, assuming, pompously, that Hillary would win. People listened to Trump and didn’t listen to Hillary. His nominations tell us plenty about what kind of President he will be, and I think there are lots of people who feel very threatened by the upcoming Trump presidency. Some of those people don’t feel they can breath. They feel like their going to get kicked of the country. They’re going to lose their health insurance. They’ll lose the right to have a legal abortion. Tenuous funding for public school will become non-existent. I’m not saying people should stay up night crying, and we will all need our sleep for the upcoming fight. But I think we have to be “woke” about what we’re headed for. I don’t buy the perspective that we really can’t figure out what he’s going to do because he’s comments are so full of horse shit. We know who he is. And we know quite a bit about what he’s going to do. And none of it seems very good.


    1. Yes, I see what you are saying… I guess it is just one OMG after another with him and for my own sanity I need to be calm, breathe and wait to see… I trust that Bernie, Elizabeth, and all the others who I support will be fighting hard for us… and that I need to be vocal and work towards what I believe is right but I do not need to panic yet, because so far we have not seen anything, so far it is all talk, sidesteps, flip-flops, and waffling. I am writing letters to my congress people now about standing up for all of the things you mentioned and I will continue to do so… but I refuse to be terrorized by his antics, lack of compassion and bullying ways. I want to stay informed, but if I let each stupid move anger me, it will be a long four years. :-/

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