The State of the Union

It has been about 2 1/2 weeks since we elected the most incompetent person ever elected to the highest, most powerful office in the whole world.  His promises lay scattered on the floor of the Trump Tower lobby, he is slowly compiling his team of the smartest, best and experienced people.  He is.  He is surrounding himself with success, with people who have good brains, and people who he trusts to tell it to him the way he wants to hear it.  Because if they don’t, they won’t last very long… we all know how he treats people who disagree with him.  The huge problem is that what he considers success is very different than what it takes to be a successful leader.  He is putting multi-millionaires and billionaires in those positions.  That does not mean they are the most intelligent, well educated or best informed about the position for which they are being chosen… it just means they have money, a lot of it, and they know Trump.   If that is your measure of success then I guess you are happy with the people he has chosen.

So much for standing up for the working class and little guy.  These leaders have never been the ‘little guy’ and up until this point they have worked to amass wealth for themselves, their shareholders and their families. They have fought to make the guys at the top stronger and they have stood against unions.  Unions are what give the working class a voice, strengthen their position and try to ensure good working conditions and wages… Unions are for the working class and those coming into power now are against them.  They are against teachers and public schools, against science, and against treating people who are different than you the way you want to be treated. Draining the swamp? They ARE the swamp!  Your child’s school will not get better under a Trump government… they will lose money and good people.  You think it is the teachers that are ruining education?  What is ruining education is not what happens in the classroom, it is what happens at home, and no penalty or threat of privatization is going to change that. A lack of respect and value for today’s teachers, by ordinary citizens and people who govern, is what is hurting the students of America… It doesn’t matter how many times a week you say the Pledge of Allegiance, or if you say it at all, that will make your child a successful student or patriotic American… that is on you.  If you think that school choice is someone standing up for the little guy, you are wrong.  If you think that doing away with the Common Core will somehow save education, you really have no idea about what the Common Core says, you are just buying into more b.s. by the biggest b.s.-er of them all. He has made outrageous promises to people who have no clue about why they really are in the situation they are in.  So what if he is surrounding himself with successful people…that does not mean they are the best and brightest in their field.  Just because you watch football every Sunday doesn’t mean you are ready to suit up and step onto the field.

We as Americans are more divided than ever before.  I have been on an emotional rollercoaster since the election.  One day feeling hopeful because Trump has walked back many of his most offensive promises, the next feeling angry over his behavior and tweeted statements, and finally scared by some of the people Trump is choosing to surround himself with.  Those advisors are really scarier than Trump himself… those advisors are going to have Trump’s ear, they will not have your best interest at heart.  They know that their time in power will be short lived and  throughout their careers they each have had two goals in mind… how to amass their wealth and how to spread their form of hate/control on the most people. In the end it will be the little guy, the working class and our children who will suffer if we don’t wake up and speak up.  Facebook posts are just the beginning… they are where we may start… they fuel the flames that lead to financial support, speaking out, political action and eventually change.  Where will your passion take you?  Be the change and be the action you want to see…

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