Just Kidding Folks

The more I hear and see Donald Trump the more I think back to that interview he did in the late 80’s or early 90’s… it looks like you can’t find it anymore on-line… but basically it said that if he did want to run for president he would run as a Republican because they are the ‘dumbest group of voters’…. sorry folks, it looks like he got you.  So far you moderates who voted for him are feeling vindicated because he has walked back many of his strong right stances that helped him rise to power and pushed me over the edge.  He has walked back repealing Obama Care, building the wall, waterboarding, deporting 11 million people, and prosecuting Hillary Clinton and more.  Those promises were what riled up his rally supporters, had them beating up protesters, screaming on CNN, and condoning his hateful speech.  They are feeling duped right about now.  ‘Lock her up!’ was their battle cry, it got them to the poles and got him on t.v. without paying a cent for coverage.  If you didn’t realize it when this all began, Trump is the biggest showman there it… more so than any politician, he would say ANYTHING to get elected.  And now that he is, we are stuck with his antics for the next four years.

So, when I go out to protest his inauguration on January 21, I am doing far more than protesting Trump. I am protesting his original supporters, those who picked him because of the hateful lies he told to get elected, I am protesting the system that put him in office even though he lost by almost 2,000,000 votes,  I am protesting Breitbart, and a billionaire (not Trump and not an educator) in charge of our education system whose organization only gives money to religious schools and wants school choice and I am protesting you who decided that a crap shoot was our country’s best bet.

Trump’s campaign platform? ~ ‘Just Kidding’

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