My Bleeding Heart ~ A Ramble

I am feeling nostalgic… nostalgic for a time before I was old enough to really think or consider what life was all about.  It has always called to me, the decade I was born, and a bit into the next… I have been drawn to the ideals, the music, the culture, the explosion of ideas, the love culture.  I am listening to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and the tears are flowing because if you really want to make America great again, you will go back to those ideals and push it further than was ever imagined.  Back to the height of ‘Imagine’, learning ‘One Tin Soldier’ in grade school choir… back to the youth of America, a lesson to be learned, and ‘LOVE’ being where it was at…

I am ready to be the new brand of hippie, the old grey haired lady standing in the streets holding signs, and teaching our children well… I will question all the answers, we have been wasting time, being too trusting of those who could care less, it is time to take a look at your life are you following what you cared about when you were young?  For me I am more myself than I ever was… Never cutting my hair… letting it go grey with pride in my age and my willingness to say what needs to be said, it is time to stop and look what’s going on… I am proud to be a bleeding heart… it means I care

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