Being Shocked

With each passing day we continue to be shocked by Trump, his appointments, his plans, his tweets…  If each of his moves upsets you, stirs a flurry of facebook posts and makes you think that, ‘Ah-ha…now he’s really done it and all people will rise up against him’, you are sadly mistaken.  Those people who you want to wake up had ample time and more than ample cause to do so these past 18 months.  Those people have shown that they feared the status quo far more than they feared the crazy, terrible, haunted house of a ride that Trump will surely take us on.  Those people will dismiss all of those things that continue to bring you to the brink of sanity, that boil your blood, and that make you fear for our country, as false, alarmist, or just poor sportsmanship.  Sorry folks, but they just don’t get it.  They were wooed with the idea that lumber mills would open up, that Walmart would close down it’s self-check outs and hired actual people to work those checkstands, that Old Navy will cease to make their $5 shirts abroad and that strong healthy American citizens will be out picking blueberries in the 105º heat of the day… and that we would all be paying the same prices American families have grown accustomed to.

Being outraged by Trumps shenanigans (a light-hearted word for his treacherous path) really only hurts you, gets you worked up and will fester these next four years.  Please, my friends, do not let his deeds and decisions go unanswered, but do not let them torture you.  Do not let them suck the joy out of life by letting them take over.  I have been guilty of this ~I continue to be joyful but his everyday interest in his craziness has moved toward obsession.  Being outraged is not going to make anyone who does not already see, SEE.  We must treat Trump as we would that unsavory Thanksgiving guest so that we can continue to enjoy our feast… with a peaceful ‘Ahhhhh, there he goes again’, rather than an ‘Ah-Ha now he’s done it!’… yes, speak to correct him, move him to the far end of the table, play the music more loudly to drown out his rants, but the dinner goes on, people still tell jokes, they drink the wine, they enjoy what they have… and maybe next year that nutball at the end of the table won’t get invited… but don’t let it ruin today

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