Allow Me My Fear

I know that I have said, don’t panic, just breathe, more people agree with you than not, it will all be okay, and we will get through this together because this will mobilize us to create change… Still, over and over I have seen people basically complaining about protesters overreacting to the election of Trump.  THIS is why people are scared… it is not some made up fear, based on lies, that Obama will come to your house and take all your guns… It is based on what came out of Trump’s mouth over the years and during this campaign… OUT OF HIS MOUTH!  Here are some of the worst:

Women should be prosecuted for having abortions.

When Mexico sends us their people, they’re not sending their best. They are sending criminals, murderers and rapists.

  • We need to ban Muslims from entering our country.
  • I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose votes.
  • I like people who weren’t captured.
  • Stop and frisk is a good idea.
  • I know more than the generals.


  • I have a plan.

Why is the last one so scary?  Why does it make me worry… because just maybe he does have a plan…

Last week I was hopeful… maybe he was more moderate than other republicans, perhaps he was just putting on a show to gain votes, and I had a thought that he could possibly be a decent president.  Last week, after he met with President Obama, I had hope… his position on the Affordable Care Act had softened, his talk of a wall had morphed just a little… but that was last week. Last week as my fellow Americans (the bleeding heart sort ~ I consider myself one of them) marched in the streets, I thought, yes, protest, but let’s begin to heal, move beyond the elections, get behind our president and our country.  That was last week.

This week more people have been harassed in the name of Trump, more people are living in fear of being ridiculed and hurt, and more than a few of Trumps alt right supporters have unleashed their hate on their fellow community members.  This week Trump has chosen people who tell me that my hope was false… he has picked people who believe that Islam is a political ideology, that Muslims should be registered, that internment camps are a precedent for how to deal with our Muslim brothers and sisters. He has picked people who have promoted spreading anti-semitic, racist, misogynistic, homophobic and other white supremacist ideas.  This week I wished that he pick someone as level headed as Mitt Romney to advise him and  that Mr. Romney can forgive Trump’s behavior to accept a position for the good of our country.

Now that Republicans control so much of our country, I am concerned for women and children, for education, for people of color, for our religious freedoms, for immigrants, for the LGBTQ community, for our senior citizens, and for anyone who still believes that love trumps hate… Do not go gently  into this scary night… drag your heels, protest, raise your voices, call out those who mean to do your fellow human beings harm, be informed, stand up to hateful words and stay strong… Write to your congressmen, join in local politics, work on change…this is not the end it is only the beginning… we must have a plan because HE does

So, what is the good coming out of this?  What joy can we look for?  We are in this together, we are awake, and there are plenty of people who are standing up right now… they give me hope



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