Be Careful Not to Become the Enemy

Enemy is a strong word, not the right word… The opposition is not really the enemy, they are just folks who walk a different path or hold a different moral compass when navigating the world… still, do not become them.  When President Obama was elected the opposition declared that he was illegitimate, Muslim, that they would dedicate themselves to making his presidency last only four years and they would block every change he tried to implement.  Please protest and work for change, but do not threaten those who disagree or who will soon take power.

I watched as a small boy swung a big stick at a Donald Trump piñata… how does this help?  I remember be appalled because there was a life-sized Hillary Clinton dummy hanging by a giant crane right next to I-5 just past our town.  I was outraged and so were others.  It was not allowed to be there for long.  How is this Donald Trump piñata any different?  The biggest difference was that a small boy was being encouraged to violently thrash our future leader with a big stick.  Promoting this type of display helps no one.  It makes you no better than the guy hanging Hillary on I-5 or the crowds shouting ‘Lock her up!’ or ‘Build that wall’ at Trump rallies, or those trying to disavow our current president by calling him a Muslim , as if there is something inherently wrong with that.

Once we step over that line it is hard to step back.  More than one person has said to me that Trump supporters would never have caused the damage that Hillary supporters have caused in the wake of this election.  Firstly, I doubt that… I doubt that based on the behavior we saw during his campaign…. from regular middle aged people, young people, grandmas and grandpas… all shouting the same vitriol while being ‘interviewed’.    I don’t care if you are angry… speak loud, yell, but continue to be peaceful and respectful.  Do not cross that line of hate and violence… that is not the example we want to show our children and not the way to persuade people on the fringes of our ideals to join in… it only drives a deeper wedge between the two sides.  Intolerant? Judgemental? Full of hate? Do not step over that line and become the things you are fighting against.

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