‘He Will Ruin Our Country’

‘He will ruin our country, I’m really scared!’ This is what a friend of mine said 8 years ago and then again 4 years ago when President Obama took office.  I have had many wonderful conversations with this friend over the years… We agree on so many things but disagree on many, as well.  She was not a Trump supporter when this all started out but, in the end  I am certain,  she gave him her vote.

Her statement about our current president and fear about how our country would be destroyed always struck me as catastrophizing this fear she had of the future.  I always thought, ‘wow, that is over the top’ and wondered if she felt foolish for having such great fear, in light of how little has changed in her life during his time as our president.

I know that for many so much more is at stake this time… but for her, she was convinced that her Second Amendment rights would be affected and that we would all be in financial ruin, that government would take over and we would be taxed and regulated to death. She was panicked.  I am on the side of those unhappy with the result of this election, but I am not willing to say those words uttered with such fear eight and then again four years ago. Trump has already walked back some of his stances and hopefully he will walk back many more.  He IS a negotiator.  And,  as much as I dislike him and all he stands for, he was once a democrat.  We need to write letters to our congress-people, we need to be involved, but we don’t need to panic.

Keep calm and carry on… there is work to be done

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