Don’t Be A Sore Loser

Right, the election didn’t go your way, my way, the way of the popular vote, the way the world hoped it would, the way the media predicted… fine, we didn’t get our way.  Don’t give up the fight for what you believe in, protest policies and argue politics… but behave like a responsible person.  If the shoe were on the other foot, how would you want Trump, Stein, Sanders, or Johnson supporters to protest?  With signs showing their displeasure, with chants of what they want, with respect for our democracy and for our laws?  Or would you want them bashing in windows with baseball bats?  Really, how does that help one single person?  How does that lend credence to your cause?  I realize that you feel angry and  helpless but this is not the way.  It is time to look back at one of our greatest reformers and follow that lead… meet hatred with love, meet violence with peace, send your message with words and conviction, work for change…  More than half of Americans who voted are unhappy with the outcome of this election but our country needs to do things that open up communication not shut it down… and violent, destructive protests are a sure way of letting your message get lost in the fray.  Be clear  what you want your message to be… don’t let it just be “I’m a sore loser”… that won’t change anything but people’s respect for you.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Sore Loser

  1. The people doing the bashing were not the protestors nor were they part of the “sore loser” group. ( I find it odd that we can so blithely dismiss people’s very real fear and terror which is the result not of speculation but of the proven track record for bigotry and hate of our soon to be president.) These are local anarchists who throw themselves into every rally or protest regardless of the cause. So, while I agree with your ideas in theory, in this case they are misguided. It is likely that the folks who did this damage were not even upset by the outcome of the election. There is work to be done for sure on all sides. But make no bones about it, trump’s legacy is one of violence not peace. It is one where his followers have already killed because they now feel free to give vent to their hatred and fear. This is why the “sore losers” demonstrate. People will die under trumps rule. It’s about so much more than just losing a mere political contest. For some, their lives and personal safety are in real danger. That’s worth protesting about.


    1. I am not disagreeing with protest… as I said… but besides peaceful protest and working furiously toward productive action, hateful acts and violence on either side doesn’t help move us along… being angry about the outcome is your right. I agree that there is reason to be fearful… and it is likely that the smashers were not really protesting and just being opportunistic, I will give you that and perhaps my jump was unfair. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done… much of it should have started a long time ago by us… part of what I am saying is that if you are unhappy now, perhaps you (not you personally) should have done more a month ago… if we can’t figure out how to have a political conversation that is respectful and productive with people who disagree with us and still remain friends, then change is unlikely… that is just my opinion

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