Remember to Look for the Joy!

Okay, I am not happy with the outcome of yesterday’s election… I was planning on opening a bottle of champagne as Hillary announced her victory.  I did not start out as a Hillary supporter – I was a big time Bernie fan…But, I wrote postcards to people across the country asking them to vote for Hillary. I wrote blog posts, many blog posts, touting the failings of Trump and the virtues (okay, that may be too strong of a word) of Hillary.  But, here is the thing… Trump will be my president.  Like it or not we are saddled with him for the next four years.

This morning when I woke up hoping beyond hope that something miraculous had occurred while I slept, I decided to put on my cheeriest outfit… brightly colored, flowery and topped it off with giant heart earrings, I left for school and my classroom full of lovelys.  We had voted in class yesterday and of course Trump had won… a landslide 16-6!  The children were buzzing as they came in the classroom, some were happy and some were scared or upset.  My class learned a lot these past few days… about truth, not believing everything people say, about voting, the three branches of government, and the electoral college (they are only 1st and 2nd graders!).  We learned about the difference between the popular vote and the electoral votes.  It was really amazing how engaged they all were.  Now that the election was over I told them who I voted for, but even though I didn’t vote for him,  he would be my president, too.

Later in the day we decided to write him letters.  They were great – some of our best writing.  Most congratulated him, hoped he would be a good president, some gave advice, some wanted him to keep our country safe but all were positive.  I wrote a letter too.  We all had hopes for the future.

Comforting me was the fact that over half of the country voted AGAINST Trump.  Those people will not be silenced, they will become more passionate about their vision for our country and hopefully they will become more involved and organized.  We are learning how to grow as a nation and growing is not easy.  There will be a lot of hard work and steps backwards… we will have to prove that America will not be defined by Trump.  A class of letters is just a beginning… each of us has to step up, wear our best outfits with giant love earrings showing that WE will trump hate… we will continue to hope, to dream, and to fight for what is right!

Do not lose heart… there are so many in this country who are only just waking up to the reality that we all need to stand up for what we believe… this is our wake-up call!  Wake up… there is hope for the future… he will not be president forever… look for the joy because nothing can change what has already happened only what will happen next.

One thought on “Remember to Look for the Joy!

  1. Yes, that is where I am now. I, too, did all I could to help Hillary . I felt that she was not the best candidate, but was better than him. I still believe that, but I have hope.
    I have traveled a long way today , from despair to acceptance . I did this , not for Trump but for myself. The disappointment this morning was so painful that I knew I had to take the necessary steps to acceptance.
    I wrote out my despair, I spoke to someone who voted for him and got her perspective on why she voted for him, and I understood how the vilification of her character has permeated this election and people’s opinions.
    Then I read an article that put it all in perspective and I was on my way to freedom.
    And now, I read this beautiful blog and I have purpose . I can put aside my fear and despair and can go forward with determination to continue trying to make this country better, in my small way.
    I am willing to be open minded and think that possibly he may be able to do some good. If not, we can change the Congress in 2 years and president in 4 years.


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