Don’t Be Mad

I know that you think, by the title of this blog, that I am giving advice to Hillary and Bernie supporters… I am not.  This is for all of those good people who were offended because they were criticized for choosing Trump.  Maybe you really liked him, maybe you just wanted change, maybe you didn’t like what you perceived to be truth about Hillary told by Breitbart proponents, or maybe you were voting with your gun holster and pocketbook in mind… no matter which of these reasons you picked (although you are not racist or misogynistic yourself) … you chose to ignore the behavior and words that came right out of Trump’s mouth… you looked the other way, past him mocking the disabled reporter, past him rating a fellow candidate based on her looks, past him judging a judge because of his ethnic origin… you allowed his blatant visible and outrageous behavior to be excused… You were a bystander on America’s playground, you even stood by the bully as he terrorized those less fortunate than himself, and his crowd of followers grew.  But you did not stand alone, those next to you (and at many of his rallies) took those things you excused and cheered him on… So, don’t be mad… I believe in standing up to a bully and I have taught my children that same lesson… If you stand by, you are allowing it to continue… I will continue to stand up and call out that behavior because in a civilized world it is unacceptable… Unacceptable for my children, for sports figures, and for our future president…  If I was appalled that you supported him and called you out, own it… you did support him and now he will be my president too… he will be the face of America

I can only hope that it was all a show ~ a horror show

Don’t be mad… you won, let’s hope you were right

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