The World is Watching and Waiting

Tuesday is the big day and people around the world are watching and waiting.  They are more involved in our election and are more informed than many Americans. And, they certainly know more about our two candidates than we have ever known about leaders around the globe.  They are wondering what kind of country and people we are… and their answer will come Tuesday night.  Because Tuesday night we, as Americans, will decide which person best represents us – the big US – the U.S. – and people around the world care.

Now, I know you may not like your options…. tough

You can point to recent ‘leaks’ as proof that what you thought was true has been proven – those ‘leaks’ have shown nothing but the fear of retribution for being on the wrong side of history… Our two candidates are still who they always were, their commitment to their own beliefs has not changed in this past month, their devotion to what they hold dear remains the same.  One candidate continues to try and draw us together as a nation, supports families, women, children, and cares about where our country is going.  One is a mother, grandmother, devoted and loyal wife, looks to do good not only in our country but in countries around the world, a champion of the less fortunate, supported by the educators of our nation… and one is not

One will be like having a supportive boss who is looking to lift you up… make you the best you can be, catch you if you falter, and  improve your situation, because if your situation is better, if you are supported this will help your family, your neighbors, your community and your country… the other is like the boss who is out to get you… waiting for you to show your weakness and fire you on the spot to line his own pockets and protect his number one… himself

The world is watching America… who are we?  Are we that supportive parent, that thoughtful and caring boss? Or will our president’s most famous words be ‘You’re Fired!’ Send a clear message on Tuesday… Kindness, love, compassion, strength in diversity, lifting others up, cradling those in need of comfort, routing for the underdog… I hope that is the message we send to the world… that is the message I sent when I voted for Hillary and I hope we all send it loud and clear!  The world is watching…

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