The Gift You Give Your Children

Parenting is not easy… I just looked through about 20 slides of ‘lies you tell your children’.  Each day that we parent, that we make it through the day, that we are able to kiss our kids goodnight, that we are able to say we love them, is a gift.  But part of the tough job is about setting limits and having expectations.  I’ve written, in the past about how one mother’s behavior and lack of setting limits during a band concert was horrible to experience.  But the scope is so much wider than an evening in a high school auditorium.

It is our job as parents and educators to have high expectations and impart to our children how to be a part of society.  The example set by kind caring and thoughtful adults is crucial to that end.  Friday evening my husband and I were at a football game… we were sitting behind a mother and grandmother who were sitting a couple of seats apart from one another.  I am not sure if they were there for one player specifically or just there to support the team.  Our son is one of the drum majors of the marching band and it was their last halftime perform of his senior year… the show started, we began to video, and the women began to have a loud discussion over the music.  After about a minute I gently put my hand on the grandmother’s shoulder and politely said that we were trying to video our son’s last performance… I didn’t even get to ask her to please talk more quietly, or tell her that the program was only going to last another 7 minutes… she was just annoyed and said ‘What do you want me to do?’…. I didn’t even respond and thankfully she was quiet… if someone had said that to me I would have said something like ‘oh, so sorry’ … the interaction just left me feeling that the lack of civility , kindness, respect and common courtesy is at the heart of some of our societal issues.

We need to make these lessons the core of how we raise our children if we want our world to be a better place… teaching our children these things ~ that is our gift to us all.

One thought on “The Gift You Give Your Children

  1. Larry Kudlow…. if that’s a new name to you he is a conservative writer speaker economist… who appeared on Charlie Rose talk program tonight ( 11/2/2016. Larry was asked about the language and slanging regarding the Presidential candidates. He wouldn’t play the blame game but just commented that the days of civility are over… not only in the political arena but society in general. At the game ( you videoed ) a cordial oh I’m sorry and I hope I am not in your way… would have been a nice response but its 2016.Winchester School in England founded in 1382 has a school motto ” Manners Makyth Man “… yes Olde English. Unfortunately manners are almost unrecognizable today,


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