An Angry Mob

Frustration over your health care situation, fear of terrorism, unemployment, her e-mail scandal, Bill’s past indiscretions,  Obamacare, and Benghazi… they are all reasons to vote a different way.  Fine… I do understand those concerns although I do not believe that she is anything more than the person you are choosing to blame for the woes of our country ~ a scapegoat, as you will.

What does concern me is the constant chants of ‘Lock Her Up’ that erupt spontaneously (or are encouraged) at Trump rallies.  They are an angry mob and are ready to burst forth and wreak havoc on our way of life, our democracy, our freedom… They are ready to believe anything about Hillary Clinton and the liberal democrats ideals.  They have been called upon to take up ‘pitchforks and torches’…They are ready to pounce… they are scary!

It also occurs to me that they don’t believe in facts, they are all about ‘lock her up’ before finding out that none of the new e-mail issues have anything to do with her and most of the lies being told throughout this campaign have been told by (not about) their candidate!  Where were the chants of ‘lock him up’ when it was discovered that he likes to grab women’s crotches, or doesn’t pay his taxes, or failed to pay the architect of his projects, or put his hands up more than one woman’s skirt, or that he shipped jobs to Mexico and China to save his own money, or that he employed illegal immigrants and then cheated them out of pay,  or cheated on his first two wives, or … (the list goes on and on)… Where were their cries of disgust then?  Where was the outrage?

This angry mob can not be allowed to take over our country… we can not sit by and let their shouts go unanswered… we must raise our voices and cast our votes… but we must remember that when rallying against the angry mob we must never become them…

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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