A Generation (or more) Apart

It isn’t an excuse because I know plenty of people in their late sixties, seventies and even into their eighties who are open-minded, up on current events, politically correct, progressive and sharp as a tack… but some folks in the GOP, especially their presidential nominee, are spouting antiquated ideas about minorities and women.  When a leader of the GOP goes on Fox News and tells Megyn Kelly that all she cares about is sex, and dares her to say something disparaging about a former president…. Dares Her…. like he was a kid on the playground… isn’t time to reevaluate your support of his political party? Trump congratulated him on his embarrassing behavior… It is time to let those ‘old boys’ in their good old boys club, retire and step aside.  They are not doing our county or their party any favors by hanging around spreading hate, bigotry, insults and misogyny.  Patronizing women and minorities, saying that those of the inner city are lacking education, and continuing to propagate the belief that the election is rigged is out of line.  The lies told about Hillary and the false reality that many are soaking up and spreading around are dangerous to our democracy.

Trump is offensive to one and all… he is a throwback and not the man to elect if you want our country to move forward… he is a big step back…. back to the good old days?  No… just back to the ‘Good ol’ Boys’ where men were in the boardroom and women were Home with the children…

Send a clear message that we are a new generation and we are moving forward…. we wont go back

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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