Sending A Clear Message

This election has brought to the forefront the real problems our country and citizens face.  It has shone a light into the dark corners and darker hearts of people who we thought were a shrinking sector in the backwoods of society.  It has brought to the forefront people who are ultra-religious and who want to use their religious beliefs as a reason to control the rest of us.  It has also brought out those who believe in white supremacy, male dominance, and legitimized fear of the other…

By raising our collective, educated, democratic voices and denouncing the man these groups look up to we will send a clear message not only to his followers but to our children, that this type of behavior is not only unacceptable, it is un-American.  It is easy to say, I support him and I do not believe those things… that may be true… but I challenge you to look more deeply into why those groups are standing behind him and why he is their hero…  sometimes we have to look at the messenger as well as the message and this messenger has given us plenty to look at…

If elected, his voice will be our voice, his words will be our words, his actions will be our actions, and his mistakes will be our mistakes… those groups will rise up and gather steam, they will collect more naive and angry followers, and they will terrorize more of the precious citizens of our country.  They are the bullies on the playground we hold to the zero tolerance standard, they are the people who want to ban books in the public libraries and want to censor the media, they are the people who believe that they alone have a right to be in this country and that theirs is the only God, they are the people who scare me the most… A vote for the person they support gives them power… please think twice

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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