God’s Man


A friend of mine recently texted me at work… this almost never happens, but she was upset.  It seems that there is this article going around on facebook saying that God chose Trump to be our president.  The author believes that God has chosen this imperfect man to lead us and be the instrument that will bring Christian values back to our country. She is not a Trump supporter and was upset by all of the shares and likes this article was receiving as if people were rallying behind the idea that Trump was chosen by God.

I have often heard that God answers every prayer, the answer just isn’t always ‘yes’.  If you believe that God has something to do with Trump’s bid for the White House,  perhaps God’s message, by giving us  a man so unqualified for the position he seeks, is that it is time for you to…

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2 thoughts on “God’s Man

  1. My undertstanding of God is that First and Foremost She has from the beginning of time encouraged, supported, and taught us all to Love One Anothet!! Sadly, and very noticeably the Donald has failed, more than most of us, to Love each other unconditionally. He has failed in Love, thus he has failed to please God at his advanced age of 70 yrs.. No one in God’s Universe had more Blessed opportunities to give and share Love to everyone, than the Donald, but he has not, in
    word nor dead. He has
    inflicted more pain than Love.
    In the Old Testament Drumpf would be struck down, and we would study his betrayal to God, one who was given so much, but turned his greedy, narcissistic
    back on God.


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