Who Cares?

The scariest and saddest part of the uprising of Trump is really not Trump himself…it is the people who don’t care about who he is and how he has lived his life.  I watched as a small blond CNN reported asked a Trump supporter about the women who have come forward…. what if their allegations were true? His response was, ‘So what? Who cares?’

If the allegations are true…. who cares? It was echoed by men and women alike at the Trump rally, spoken to this small woman with a microphone and spread across the country and the world…  a man who takes what he wants, forces himself on women, who is the epitome of misogynistic beliefs and actions… he is the man who close to half the American people may vote for…

How do we hold our children to higher standards than we hold our own president? What message do we send to our sons and daughters if his misogynistic behavior does not matter… that if we have enough money and power no one will care what we do to others…

Many of his supporters do not care, or if they do, they have decided to give him a pass because he claims to represent their other beliefs.  This is unacceptable. We all need, but especially men, need to send him and the rest of the world a message that we care. And that treating woman as sexual objects to be rated, grabbed and demeaned is something we will not tolerate from our citizens or from our leaders. Yes, this election is about issues but the biggest issue has become , and should be, that all citizens of the world should be treated with respect… there really is no issue more important than that

4 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. The scariest and saddest part is that anyone would vote for Clinton. She is a known criminal. She just wasn’t prosecuted by the crooked regime in Washington. Did you listen to what the FBI director said about her to congress? Now that is scary


    1. First, I would like to say that I appreciate your thoughtful comment although I disagree. I have listened to what the FBI director said to congress, and had he found criminal intent he would have pursued the case… that being said much of the criminal claims brought against Clinton have not been proven and have been brought and propagated by a biased group… As always it is important to consider the source…Trump has continued to encourage the conspiracy theory narrative that discredits our government and this election… I chose to allow your comment because I feel that reading both sides of a story is important and I appreciate that you were willing to read my thoughts. Peace to you and may we all survive this tumultuous time…

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  2. Yes, I listened to what the FBI Director said, and he clearly stated that what she did was careless but NOT criminal. And she admitted to making a mistake, insteadof blaming a vast global conspiracy for her error.

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  3. Your blog is so thoughtful, and I enjoy reading it….but then the comments from people are just depressing. To post that you couldn’t believe anyone would vote for HC, because she is a criminal, in response to Trump’s behavior. This isnt about how much you hate HC, it is about Trumps behavior which by the way constitutes sexual assault which IS a crime! Why dont you post a thoughtful comment about that. Aeeinstein?


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