Becoming Mainstream

It scares me to think that an organization that once lurked in the shadows, that existed on the fringes of society and haunted our basements and meeting halls late at night is now stepping into the mainstream.  They are taking, if not center stage, front row seats in our politics and on social media.  They are fueled by Trump, his ‘unshackling’ and rants against those who denounce his actions and words.  Their voice is becoming louder and more menacing with each passing day.   That so many reasonable people also support their hero, gives them power to reach further and spur their words of hate into actions that are dangerous for us all.

I know that the opposition has fears of their own… but I don’t think those fears outweigh the potential harm of moving white supremacist groups out of the corners of our society and giving them a leader and a voice.  When an article or person generates name calling and death threats I believe things have gone too far.  When ‘Lock her up’ is the chant of a crowd on the brink of violence, then it has gone too far.  When ‘Locker room talk’ is something that most men do and many women excuse, it has gone too far. When we refuse to say that there is a line we will not cross, then it has gone too far.

Do not give ‘those who hate’ a leader to look up to when they turn on the t.v…. that is way too far… and it is not what we as Americans stand for.  We stand for hope, embrace diversity, speak up for the underdog, and protect our fellow citizens of the world… keep that in mind as you weigh your decision… do not let things go too far…




One thought on “Becoming Mainstream

  1. I can’t click “like” because this is so scary, sad and disgusting.

    And now 4 women have come out tonight stating that what Trump called just “locker room talk” he did to them.
    I am horrified to think that anyone would vote for him.


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