How Can We Be Shocked…

We have all seen it… if you watch the news and are interested in the circus that has become our presidential election, you have seen the video many times over.  The thing is… we knew it was there… all of us… his supporters and those who were always against his campaign always knew that THIS was there ~ not even hidden beneath the surface ~ it was right there!  SURPRISE… he IS what we knew he was.  Don’t act so shocked, or like this is something you need to grapple with, forgive or move past… this is the biggest ‘duh’ in history!

Anyone of his republican opponents could have found him saying all sorts of vile things on Howard Stern’s radio show or interviewed the cast and crew of the Apprentice and put this out there for the public… but for some reason or another no one did.  His appeal has not diminished for his base of supporters, because for many of them (not all) his character does not matter.  HIS CHARACTER DOES NOT MATTER!

You stand there smugly talking about Hillary’s lies, her mis-steps and poor judgement.  She is no saint, but so very much of what the right has called her lies is just untrue, exaggerations, and circumstances that have been twisted and warped by the people who don’t like her.  Take how Trump tried to twist her praise of Lincoln’s diplomacy into something ugly… TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER!

We have gotten sucked in and sucked along as this traveling circus has come to a debate stage nearby.  It is disgusting that he can do and say anything and millions of people continue to support him.  I am pushing back hard… he does not represent me, he does not represent what I hold near and dear, he does not represent Americans and he is a terrible example for our children.  He has been running for office for months now and still he can not control what comes out of his mouth… don’t think it will be better if he gets elected… there will be no surprises ~ we will get exactly who he is…

When we teach our children about our future president in schools what will matter to you then? Will you care? WILL YOU CARE?

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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