Locker Room Talk

Well, the debate is over… it is crazy watching the media discuss who won and lost the debate…because if you look at any of the fact checker sites you will find that much of what Trump says is a lie.  Can you be anything less than the loser if most of what you say is lies? He seemed that he really didn’t have a grasp of what was happening in Aleppo, the Kurds or anything else clearly. He is out of touch with health care issues, education, working families and women’s issues.

I thought that Hillary was good. She was real and, far more than Trump, she was honest.  College educated white women were not fooled by his explanation of locker room talk.  If my boys spoke like that about women I would be appalled and wonder what I had done wrong as a parent.

Trump may not be the ‘Washington Elite’…  he is just the elite. The elite of the World who has buildt his fortune on the backs of minimum wage workers, on small business people who he has refused to pay… fact check my friends…

Trump supporters are encouraged by his crude remarks, one liners, calls for criminal charges and seem to think that somehow this man will make their financial situation better by giving more more money to the super rich.

I am offended by the ‘locker room’ explanation of his comments. If that is the way you explain your comments then maybe you should stay in the locker room, get off the debate stage and out of the running for the president of the United States.

Stronger Together… p.s. Vote for Hillary

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