Remain Calm -What a Difference A Day Makes

Ups and downs in the polls are par for the course and some of us may have been feeling the rumblings of panic as the polls fluctuated day by day, but with the recent release of video showing his deplorable behavior we can all take a breath and calm down.  Although I don’t believe die-hard Trump supporters will ‘see the light’… I do think that his reluctant supporters will change their tune and either vote third party or stay home.

I am actually shocked that people in town are still proudly displaying Trump signs because it just seems that he is indefensible.  Most reasonable people ask how could a parent of daughters vote for this man… I ask you how can a parent of sons.  Electing him gives young men the message that that kind of ‘locker room banter’ is acceptable, that seeing women as sex objects is excusable, and that ‘boys will be boys’ is the way men can get away with almost anything.

My friend’s husband told her about the video of Trump… she asked him what was said… ‘I can’t tell you. I can’t say it. You have to see it for yourself.’ THAT man is a gentleman… he couldn’t even think of disrespecting his wife by repeating those words.

When you can’t repeat what the presidential candidate said it is time to get a new candidate – or just forfeit the election… can they do that? So much for the October surprise… keep calm, friends… it is almost over

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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