Changing the Presidency

I watched the vice presidential debate last night and listened as the vice presidential candidates discussed issues, their running mates, their experience and their vision.  My take on Mr. Kaine is that he is ready to be Hillary’s vp and take over if necessary… My take on Mr. Pence is that he will be running the country.

It occurs to me that if we do end up electing Trump, we will be changing the way our political system is structured. We will go the way of countries that have sitting emperors or kings and queens… our presidency will become a figurehead… he will throw out the ball during the first game of the World Series, he will host state dinners, he will open malls and dedicate statues, he will travel the world going to weddings of foreign dignitaries, and he will host Easter Egg hunts on the White House lawn… Mr. Pence will be running the show… he will have to be.

Trump has been measured these past several days in his use of Twitter – someone has probably confiscated his phone… Hang on, they must be telling him… let Pence get out there… because when you vote… if you pick Trump… you will be voting for the measured man he picked for his running mate and against having a real president.

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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