What we can do today…

One year ago today our community was shattered by a shooting at our local community college. Nine lives were lost and our town was changed forever… The shooting also was the starting point for my blog lookforthejoy… In this past year I have written 125 blogs – but this is the one that started it all… may the families who were shattered by this tragedy find peace and may we all find a better way to go through each year…


So after the shooting Thursday morning I was raw with emotion.  Anger, frustration, sadness, fear, hopelessness and compassion were in a constant battle over control.  I immediately began responding to all of the FB posts saying how it was not about guns.  I actually was stupid enough to try and politely ( I thought ) debate these people with logic and rational thinking.  I ended up being called judgemental and critical and ‘how dare I’ try to limit someone’s legal rights.  Luckily I was not near a computer when I penned my first response to this angry, fearful man… this man didn’t know me, not even as a FB friend.  He was just arguing.  He didn’t know the depth of pain I was feeling or how close to the proverbial edge I was… and for a while he pushed me over.  It was not that kind of edge that this shooter…

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