Wake Up America!

There are only about five weeks left before we have to pick our next president… My husband is growing weary of CNN, Fox News and NPR and my obsession with the latest and less than greatest shenanigans by the republican candidate.  For those of you who watched the debate on Monday and continue to support ‘He Who Must Not Be President’, you may have read a book or two demonizing Clinton and feeding into a cultural bias against strong powerful women, but if you are unwilling to see even a fraction of those faults in your own candidate and not realize that the books touting the horrors of her actions were not written by unbiased authors – then you are a fool – just another ‘mark’ for his con act.  And, truthfully, that is what I hope you are… because the alternative just breaks my heart.

I live my life hoping for the best, seeing the good in people, and have expectations of good intentions when I interpret people’s actions.  But if you are not a fool, then you truly believe that your candidates goals of reducing taxes for the wealthy citizens and corporations by an unprecedented 20%, magically bringing jobs back to America, badmouthing the former Miss Universe at 5am via twitter, saying he wants NATO countries to pay their fair share or we won’t be there, thinking that women who have abortions should be prosecuted, Wall Street bailouts are fine but students should pay their own way, and preparing for a presidential debate makes you weak… then I have no words.  If you can not see for yourself the hateful way he behaves then there is no hope. The  stereotype of the ugly American is the definition of who he is.  A loudmouth, uncouth, buffon, spouting lies, denigrating women and anyone who isn’t a white American man, a man who wants to build a giant wall and a proud non-payer of taxes… that is who you are picking to represent our country… Really?  I have more hope in you, America… I have hope that you want more for our country… that you care more about your children, seniors, health care, education, and fellow citizens of not only America but of the world, than your pocketbook and gun safe.

Wake up America… this man has no business running for the most powerful office in the world… I wouldn’t trust him to teach my children and I don’t trust him to run my country…

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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