An Act of Patriotism

What is patriotism?  It is simply put a love of country.  It is not shown by flying the flag or standing for the anthem – yes, those acts can be considered patriotic, but they do not show your intention.  For those of you who have been so critical of protestors, shame on you if you didn’t watch the debate last night.

For me, the biggest act of patriotism I can do in my life is to vote in as many elections as I am capable.  It is my obligation and a patriotic act to be informed, to know the issues, to weigh both sides and vote thoughtfully.  I don’t care if you are on the opposite side of the issues, if you didn’t watch the debate you are choosing to be uninformed, to have the media (or FB) tell you who won and what they said.

And, if you chose not to watch, if giving less than two hours of your time was too much of a sacrifice, if feeling uncomfortable because your candidate didn’t live up to your expectations… then you should think twice before criticizing politicians, government, protesters, and the rest of the people who are more informed than yourself. In that one moment where you decided that you wouldn’t watch – you chose to be ignorant – you chose to be unpatriotic.

p.s. Vote for Hillary

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