What Makes This Election So Very Different?

What makes this election so different?  Yes, there are still two significant candidates. Yes, for most people we are once again choosing between the lesser of two evils.  Yes, one candidate is a republican and the other is a democrat. But there is one thing that I have never thought as we went into an election.  One of these candidates is just NOT GOOD.

I used to laugh (on the inside) when my mother would call candidates evil.  To me it was their politics and policies that I was against and that didn’t make the candidate evil.  Their supporters had different politics and ideas about running the country than I had and that didn’t make them evil.  Their supporters in politics and in the media were all over the board… but mostly were thoughtful people who just had a different idea than I did.

That is not true this time.  Those reasonable people who have different politics than myself and choosing to ignore the fact that the man is a bully, he is not a kind person, he has made statements over the years (and in recent months) that are so offensive they are an embarrassment to  most of America.  They encourage racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and hateful groups.  This can not be ignored!  His whole life has been dedicated to building up his own wealth, putting his name on big buildings and on big businesses (of which 6 have gone bankrupt), and firing people on network television in the meanest fashion.  He can not represent who you are!  I believe that in your moral heart you will look past the suit and hair and look into first his heart, and then yours… Watch the debate tonight – he says he is fighting for America – he is fighting for himself – don’t feed into that!  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has dreams of his face on the $100 bill, and renaming our capital Trump-opolis… This election is about power – not American power – Trump power

p.s. Vote for Hillary


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