Christian Values

Are Christian values under attack?  I just finished watching a piece on the news about Christian values and how they are under attack.  The piece said that 65% of Christians believe that they are… and that even more who are evangelical believe so.  I respectfully disagree.  I looked up what Christian Values are… If your Christian values follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as written in the New Testament- love thy God, fidelity in marriage, renunciation of worldly goods, renunciation of violence, forgiveness of sins, and unconditional love… then I think you are safe and your values are not under attack… but if you have decided that your values are what the politically conservative right-winged groups support… then yes, you may be challenged in your rights to make others abide by your desires to be controlled by your political, educational and social agenda.

Owning a gun is not a Christian value, denying services to people you disagree with is not a Christian value, saying the Pledge of Allegiance is not a Christian value, and which bathroom people use is not a Christian value. Jesus taught love for all people, charity, forgiveness, respect, and peace…

Making choices is your right.  If you want to pray before you eat, you are more than welcome to do so… at home, in restaurants or in schools.  I have seen more than one first grader, over the years, bow their head and whisper something quietly to themselves.  Sweet.  And their parents instilled that in them – say thank you for what you have… it is a beautiful thing and no one is trying to change that right… but we do not all have to do so.

As a people we should be worrying more about our American rights and values, than our Christian values when it comes to government.  You have the right to worship the way you choose – THAT  is an American value.  All men (and women) are created equal – THAT is an American value.  You have freedom of speech – THAT is an American value.  You have the right to own a gun – THAT is an American value. You have the right to an education – THAT is an American value. Which of these values mesh with your religious values? There is only one that does not really mesh… but that is my opinion. Going on about our government and Christian values just seems odd to me because many Americans are not Christians.  We are a country of religious AND nonreligious freedom… And that religion is not just Christian.

As you go to the polls this November, ask yourself – which values does each candidate embody?  Which candidate will honor our children? Which candidate comes closest to showing those values we care most about? And if your values are Christian, then look back at what Jesus taught and vote accordingly.

p.s. Vote for Clinton


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