Whose Company Do You Keep?

This, of course, is not a complete list – and my personal opinion based on conversation and observation…. but most of the people on this list are voting for Trump… Check it out!

If you…

…fly the Confederate Flag

…belong to a white supremacist group

…hate Jews

…are racist

…own more than a few guns (not a collector)

…are a big business owner

…run a drug company

…are anti-union

…are a religious zealot

…are homophobic

…are misogynistic

…think there should be prayer in school

…think people from other countries should go back home

…use racial slurs

…think the holocaust was a hoax

…enjoyed watching ‘The Apprentice’

…believe that teachers are to blame for the problems in schools

and worry that our current president is Muslim

… you are probably voting for Trump… Of course there are plenty of people who support him that are not on this list… and some on the list may not be supporters… but… look at the people who are choosing your candidate… look at the company you keep.


2 thoughts on “Whose Company Do You Keep?

  1. One other group that I can think of from my experience: those who make fun of and speak disparagingly against and/or are quite defensive towards BLM, and at the least are uncomfortable and put off by Black Lives Matter. They mostly seem to favor The
    Drumpf. African Americans are recently polled at 89% supporting Clinton and 6% some kind of weird Uncle Tom types


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