Half of Trump Supporters are….

A basket of deplorables… Yes, she referred to the supporters…not the best choice.  But when you look at Trump’s statements over the course of this campaign, you can not help but consider a basket of his unscripted and off the cuff statements as deplorable.  Yes, these statements are his, they were not written by his speech writers – but it is those deplorable statements that call to many of his  core supporters.  Those statements called to them because they believe those statements represent how they feel. Hence, those supporters easily fall into that basket.  Just as a parent says to a child ‘You are naughty’ rather than ‘What you did was naughty’… Clinton in essence said, ‘Those supporters are deplorable’ when she should have said ‘What his supporters believe is deplorable’…  It is mincing words.

And before you go and start listing all the things you believe Mrs. Clinton lied about and how she did your country wrong… think about how she spent her life… in public service.  Mistakes were made over the course of her 40+ year career… but she did not let criticism or mistakes keep her from her passion to serve.  Just like Trump, she didn’t need to run for president… she wanted to.  She chose to go through this craziness.  But when you compare her past 40 years with Trump’s… she has worked to better the lives of millions, Trump has worked to make money for himself and his family (except for those pesky ex-wives which he admitted to cheating on)… Clinton is holding up the values that I believe in, while he is quickly figuring out his next bait and switch move.  Those that have decided to support him are not looking past their own pocketbook and fear… All of us should be better than that.  I can’t know what is in his heart… but I have a feeling it may have dollar signs on it alongside a picture of himself.

A basket of deplorables? Sadly, he has a vault full…

3 thoughts on “Half of Trump Supporters are….

  1. Thanks, Allison, for talking about this. It seems that the closer we get to the election the more the media focus is on almost anything, old and repetitive, or new and reality show scripted and so showboaty, designed to push our buttons in a strong knee-jerk way. Of course this all distracts us further, and polarizes everyone even more, if that is still possible to polarize us more. I guess the actual issues do not really matter all that much. Everything is presented as black and white, right and wrong.

    I’ve noticed that people I know casually down at the cool brew pub will only talk about their politics if they believe that everyone within earshot is on their side and more or less agrees with them. I’m in Pennsylvania temporarily, a big swing state with 20 electoral college votes, and I feel like I am Very outnumbered with the views that I hold. Oh, a “bleeding heart Libtard socialist from Oregon who supported pie in the sky Socialist Sanders”, would be how I am stereotyped by the many Trump people around. This is definitely Philadelphia!! When I find someone that I like and identify with, and know somewhat, I am pretty positive they are Not a Trump supporter, because of a few basic clues. I will sometimes make a very generalized anti-Trump comment feeler and they will answer with a sort of hard to detect comment letting me know they can’t stand Trump as well. They give the very clear signal they do not want to talk about it there. As though they are afraid of a big fight scene breaking out in the peaceful pub!! I’ve been wrong in using this opening maneuver. Sometimes I discover open, intelligent looking people telling me right away that Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya, etc., etc., etc.

    However, what I have noticed here in Central Pennsylvania is that I have Never seen one Hillary Clinton for President sign on any lawn, home or business, and I have Never talked with anyone here that says, Wow, I really Like Hillary. I’m voting for her and helping with her campaign!! Never heard that, and I talk with a lot of people. Nobody is wearing a Hillary for President button; nobody is wearing a Trump for President button either. There are a few stores on the highways advertising Trump paraphernalia for sale with huge cardboard cutouts of the Donald standing by the roadside. I may have to have my picture taken next to the 10′ smiling, thinner, younger, orangey glossy Donald. No stores advertise Hillary hats, stickers, posters, buttons, campaign material, etc. You have to go to the small Democratic campaign centers to buy Hillary paraphernalia, if you can find one downtown.

    With President Obama, it was the opposite in Pennsylvania. Everyone who was enthusisastic about Obama and planned to vote for him was willing to speak out and talk about their views and the issues, even sitting among the many Republicans in a public place. Not now; it seems like people are afraid to talk about politics in public. I’m not used to this. I’m used to speaking out about the candidates and giving my take on them, and listening politely to the other sides’ viewpoints.

    The big campaign directors believe we’ve all been dumbed down so low that it only takes a few broad personal descriptions, favorable or unfavorable, pejorative or positive, to sum up each candidate. I can’t think of any other presidential campaign that has had so much deplorable maneuvering on both sides. This presidential campaign seems to be the least inspiring, tackiest, campy, scripted, phoney TV reality show I have seen. The millions of dollars fueling this makes it even more sickening and dumbed down and sort of white trashy (and I hate the white trash deplorable name). The only problem is that it is Real and it is as Scary and depressing as it is Pathetic. How did we get here? Aren’t we much better than that? Haven’t we always demanded to be treated with more respect and more intelligence, instead of fear and hate and mind numbing Orwellian brainwashing efforts. Can’t we discern what is actually deplorable and definitely does not meet our high standards from what is socially redeeming and positive and good for our society and the World nowadays? Do we have to accept a vault of deplorable baskets as we vote for the lesser of two evils?? Hillary says that Trump is feeding in to all of our own deplorable baskets of bigotry and racism and hatred, etc., that some of us are carrying out there in our country. Is that about half of all of us who are acting deplorable, or just half of the Trump supporters? You can act deplorably yourself just by not doing anything to oppose or saying anything to question the deplorable acts or statements.

    This campaign makes the last two presidential campaigns seem much more intelligent and on a higher road. Well, maybe not totally, considering the spectacle of Sarah Palin in 2008 and Mitt Romeny with his self-damaging ‘47% of the voters are dependent on the government’ gaffe. At least Mitt didn’t call the 47% of the voters who would never vote for him because they were all dependent on the government, – Deplorable. Even if he thought they were in his heart. One would believe that Trump has said many way worse damaging statements in his campaign than what the stealthy video captured the out of touch rich guy, Romney, saying to a bunch of wealthy people. But No, Trump can say and do so many deplorable things to so many different people and countries and groups and it only looks like it helps his poll numbers rise. I am amazed that so many people just accept all of Trump’s outrageous statements and views and history. Do they feel that they have to? I’m also proud of the many Republican leaders that have publically spoken out against Trump. There’s Paul Ryan and Chris Christie! Two elected Republican politicians that I can’t stand and that I know have done and said deplorable things. Well, now I have a little respect for Paul Ryan, if it’s possible to respect somebody who

    Right now I’m listening to MSNBC, FAUX News and CNN waiting for the latest BREAKING NEWS: Soon: Trump to make “Big Announcement” on Birther Issue !! Will Trump reverse himself on the Birther Issue, an issue in which he was one of the principal proponents and ‘founders’. Does Trump have some new information?? And now Trump is meeting with Medal of Honor recipients who support him. There are some Medal of Honor recipients who love Trump. He’s their guy because Trump absolutely loves and supports the men and women in uniform. Right? He’s going to “make our country great again” and he needs the greatest people to help him do so. These most highly decorated military veterans almost died for our country, so they’re the absolute greatest endorsements, right?

    The simplistic soundbites and the ‘gotcha’ type ‘news’ (Trump declares Hillary started the Birther Movement and he finished IT, oh boy, he finished it!!), -and the rehashing of all of the scandals and known bigotry and poor campaign choices past and ever present, of both candidates is getting very, very tedious now. And I’m someone who has always liked to follow current events and study government and politics and international relations, etc.. I’m finding the media coverage, especially the TV coverage to be the most horrible, sickening train wreck that I can’t stop watching. We are becoming a poorer country by putting ourselves through all of this, -physically, spiritually, emotionally, and of course financially to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. There are many heavy costs we cannot even count or be forced to reap yet. How do we change this? I don’t want to go through another presidential campaign like this one, Ever! How will I feel the night after the election?

    One very heavy cost of this horrible campaign I can think of is the turning off of millions of citizens’ caring about participating in our government, local, state, and federal, as opposed to the turning on of real democratic citizen inspiration and participation. George Orwell and his futuristic ‘1984’, written about the time I was born, seems much more prophetic to me now. Bernie says we have to vote for Hillary if we supported him…………


  2. I made a little typo; I meant to write: This is definitely NOT Philadelphia! Philadelphia should go pretty strongly for Hillary. Not so for Central Pennsylvania, and that’s why PA is a swing state!


  3. Sorry about my poor WiFi signal in the PA hills! I was finishing writing about Paul Ryan about a little single piece of respect I had for him, our Speaker of the House when I was unintentionally censored by the sporadic internet signal. I will finish. “During the primaries, Ryan condemned Trump’s Muslim ban and his failure to forcefully repudiate former Klansman David Duke! In those ways Paul Ryan was much more honorable than Donald Trump.

    Paul Ryan was honorable enough, just enough, to find himself in a giant dilemma as to whether to support Trump after he was declared the presumptive Republican nominee on May 3rd, –Or Not support the Drumpf. Remember, when Paul Ryan said he was “not there yet, he wasn’t ready to support” Trump. From May 3rd when Trump was determined to be the presumptive presidential candidate until June 2nd, Paul Ryan the leader of the Republican Party, didn’t come out and say he supported Trump as his party’s nominee. Paul Ryan’s dilemma was whether to withhold his support for Trump and lose the election or endorse Trump and be a soulless hyopocrite leading a soulless party who supports a racist while maintaining that Republicans are totally opposed to racism. I was strongly hoping Paul Ryan would be more like Mitt Romney and absolutely refuse to give support to Trump because of his racist views, but he couldn’t. At least it took Ryan a full month while he waivered, before he caved in. It didn’t take Chris Christie that long to get right behind Trump, at all ! I had a little small respect for Paul Ryan for that long month from May to June, even though the guy tried to de-fund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare countless times, and threatened to shut down the government if he didn’t get his way with all of his House budget bill provisions. Paul Ryan is in the deplorable basket of representatives now. He may have helped ruin the Republican Party. He’s put many, many of our citizens in danger and wasted lots and lots of our money. I don’t think he’s any friend to military veterans as well, or social security, women, children, etc., etc., etc.


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